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Issues ordering en primeur online


The Wine Society website has got progressively worse and worse over the years in sharp contrast to the rest of the retailing world. Why?
Ordering wine on line, particularly en primeur wine, is extremely frustrating. Thank goodness for the excellent service provided by your team at telephone ordering.


Any particular concerns? There’s a good thread here to raise them, which i belive is monitored:

Also, the good news from the AGM is that all of this is undergoing review so we shall expect significant changes over the next year or two.


Yes I’d be interested in your specific concerns . I have never ordered on the phone, seems very archaic and find the website very user friendly.


I’d echo @tom’s sentiments - do head over to the ‘I love the Wine Society website, but’ topic and feel free to give as much feedback as you like on things you’d like to see improve - our IS team is reading it and taking it on board as we plan website developments! :smiley:


Same here. Have been only ever ordering on-line, and no problems to date. If/when I wanted to order an extra wine prior to an order being sent, then I’d call the Members Services. What are your specific concerns?


I think the EP ordering interface being archaic is a fair point.


That’s fair enough! I have only done one EP, and it was pretty straight forward, but only because my order was miniscule- so I am sure other members have much more experience of these issues. Hopefully, if there is an overall updating of the system, these issues can be addressed and ironed out.


We, or more precisely I, run an ecommerce site for our business and one way in which it tends to be no win is pleasing all the people all the time. We regularly get feedbacks (on the same day) saying best website ever and worst website ever! Gah! The thing is that we all tend to think somewhat differently - vive la difference and I don’t just mean gender - and that means any given site will suit the way some people’s minds work and not the way others do.

For myself it works excellently and, I would add, that my experiences on other wine sites are a little more negative.


A fair point indeed - I’ve never done an online order for EP so I’d be interested to hear more about any sticky points/issues with this part of the website.

  1. It does not remember your basket.
  2. You have to copy the code of your preferred replacement rather than selecting from a list.
  3. You cannot filter / search.

for starters

It seems this is another one of those fire and forget topics…


I don’t really remember any particular issues with the process in the ones I’ve done. @szaki1974’s points are valid but not, for me major issues. The only big grumble I have about EP ordering is that once you’ve put your order/request in there is no record of it (that I can find) until the allocation is done. The only record I have is the email I get.


I think that is not entirely correct, you need to wait a day I think then it will show up in My Order Details…

this one for Bordeaux 2018 (if you are logged in)


Ah, thank you! Though I’d still grumble about it’s location. I never thought of looking there. I just assumed anything like that would be in the ‘My Account’ section! Well, at least I know where to look for it now! :smiley:


Yes, I noticed that too…


Tell you what, I’ve retitled this topic seeing as we’ve gone off on a pretty specific (but useful) tangent re: EP purchasing online, and if any of you would like to expand on other website issues, please do so here:


Also if you go to the en primeur basket and realise you messed up your substitutes, you cannot update, need to delete, go back and then see my previous point 2.


My main wish for the ep ordering is to be able to sort the wines more personally. Bordeaux is done by price, Burgundy by producer etc, but I’d like to see filters online so i can narrow my options how i wish - price bracket, sub-region, drinking window etc. More like the main list in fact.


Absolutely agree… the basket emptying does MY HEAD IN!
But… there are starving mistreated children in concentration camps, I mean holding camps on the Mexican border so I try to remember how not important I really find my basket being emptied actually is :unamused:


That link worked on my phone, but goes nowhere on my laptop (because offer now closed?)


Interesting… works on my tablet (still now)