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Since I have self-isolated due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve noticed I wake up with a thick head most mornings. Initially, I thought it was a virus but I’ve now realized it might be because I have more time to drink :slight_smile:
Anyone else noticed this?


I have self isolated for 29 days, post an eye operation.
My vision is now absolutely brilliant and HUGE thanks to the BRILLIANT NHS!!:clap::clap::clap:

My alcohol (wine) consumption is limited to decanting my wine of choice into a clean and dry WS screw top White Burgundy half bottle topped off with a squirt of blanketing gas.
The rest of that bottle, I drink that night.
The remaining half bottles worth is fine for a couple of days, even better when stored in a fridge.
This all works for me. :+1::wink:


Totally. So many more hours in the day for drinking, and so little else to do :grinning:


Whats your address? I’ll drop the kids round for a few days! That should sort you out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Does that mean the drinking will decrease??


Fine. Long as you don’t mind if I have one of them for dinner… running out of food and don’t dare go to the supermarket (see Ewan’s comment!) :grin:


I am staying at home as much as I can. Mrs Jos and I take turns in going out at a rate of less than once a week to shop for essentials. We employ 29 staff in our business, all have been working from home for more than 2 weeks now. Our office is closed. This virus needs to be taken seriously. Just in the last 24 hours, more than 500 people in the UK died whilst being positive for Covid-19.


Not much meat on them :rofl:

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OK, guess it’ll have to be two, then…


what gas do you use ?

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normally works the other way !

Certainly in my house!

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Absolutely. The old saying, the devil makes work for idle hands, certainly applies to me.

The usual cup of tea around 3PM seems to have been superseded by a large glass of sherry. Trying not to drink on Mondays and Wednesdays has proved impossible. Consumption in the evening has risen from just over half a bottle to draining it. No wonder I’ve been waking up feeling fuzzy.

In all seriousness, common sense tells me I’m on a slippery slope right now, so starting tomorrow, I’ll go out for a bike ride in the afternoons instead. I’m hoping the endorphins released as a result will also see my consumption in the evening reduce too.


So far the whole thing has made little difference at all to my routine:

I’ve been working from home for 25 years and I’m still doing so… writing software for the business, I’m the only person in the company still working full-time! (Okay I might be slacking off a little more than usual to post on here!).

Nearest supermarket is 15 miles away so I bake my own bread, freeze my milk and only go shopping every other week.

So the only real difference is no visiting the neighbours!

Consequently no real change to my drinking habits, though I did sneak a second glass of the Rioja in the recent tasting :smiley:


We are both retired and had already got into a weekly rhythm drinking-wise. Alcohol free on 3 days a week. It is pretty much what we did when we were working and have stuck with it (apart from holidays away from home) for five retirement years now. I can understand that it might be a shock to go from full on work to this self isolation and you have our sympathies.

Maybe those with a partner can get some support for sticking to what you did when at work? Mr Jay Kay is the one with Puritan tendencies in our house and he is very good at keeping me on the straight and narrow.:slightly_smiling_face:


I bought 3 of these for £32.37 including delivery and quantity discount, I asked, they saved on postage.

Hope this helps.
If you are careful, cans lasts for ages!!:+1::wink:

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‘currently sold out’ I think that says everything :smiley:

Go to Amazon.co.uk

Type in Food and Wine preserver into the search bar.

You may then find that “Robert is your fathers brother!!”:+1: :wink: LOL

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You are very welcome!

There is an email from Sarah Evans with regard to a partial reopening!!