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Is this the time, and weather, for a sherry?



Which we do very often down in Cadiz :wink:


On a slightly wider note - has anyone here tried some un-fortified sherry? There are more and more of these wines in the market but generally they don’t make it outside of Spain. Sherry hasn’t always been fortified and still some producers don’t fortified certain wines. For example, El Maestro Sierra don’t add any spirit to their VORS PX which is just shy of 12% alcohol. One of my favourites is the collaboration between Equipo Navazos and Dirk Niepoort, just simply called Navazos-Niepoort which you can find in the UK. It’s a 100% Palomino from albariza soils, aged in ex-fino barrels under flor but with no fortification added. 12 months in barrel and 12 months in bottle before release. I just had the 2015 in Spain and it was amazing. Think of a texture and a weight closer to a fat white Burgundy or a traditional Rioja but with the salty/mineral lightness of a Chablis an a touch of sea breze. Had it with loads of seafood. It was a good lunch :slight_smile:


I do love Niepoort wines after meeting Dirk, will look out for those wines, I guess unfortifed wines under flor are a bit like those from the Jura.


Hi David! On a way they are, only more saline and lean than the Jura wines.


I was browsing the wines on TWS’s website, as you do, and found a very intriguing item. I have gone as far as putting it on my wish list, but thought would check in here before I press confirm order. Does anyone have experience to share… discourage… encourage. All would be well received.


Ditto! I’ve not fully made up my mind yet either so would also be interested in anyone elses comments.

I think what also will be swaying me to buy is that I don’t think it would look out of place at the Fezziwig’s party in A Christmas Carol which I feel is almost reason enough to buy at this time of year!:christmas_tree:


I’ve tasted the Williams and Humbert a couple of times. Undeniably a classy drink - the write-up is accurate - and, importantly for me, not that sweet. I’d encourage you to try it.


I would strongly encourage you to press ‘confirm order’! @Richard is right - it’s classy and not that sweet - a perfect sip on its own, or with the cheeseboard.


It was great thanks, just opened it yesterday instead of s Pali Cortado and complemented traditional Hungarian Christmas sweets (small blocks of marzipan coated with dark chocolate) wonderfully.


Szaloncukor by any chance? :smiley:


Szaloncukor, yes. We stocked up in Hungary to the extent it will sadly outlast the sherry.


That’s a proper Hungarian quantity though :smiley: wonder what wine would go well with mákos bejgli?


hm… you need acidity and sweetness, so a 6 puttonyos aszu… or even better an eiswein (as the botrytis and the poppy seeds may clash…)


A year on from when this thread started I just saw on Twitter that TWS is stocking an exciting looking Manzanilla. Thought some may be interested here. I have not tried this yet.


I am wanting to give this a go too, just finished off the last of a bottle of La Ina yesterday and in a very Sherry-ish mood at the moment (very out of character for me honestly).

It helps as well I think that I love the look of the bottle.


@szaki1974, This was the one Simon and I tasted in the recent press tasting- I thought it was fabulous:

“OMG! What a stunning Sherry! I couldn’t bring myself to spit it out. It was beautiful; all the hallmarks of a good Manzanilla- intense on the nose with that nutty and sour apples notes, and equally intense on the palate, with a saline finish that was utterly moreish. Another one for the basket, methinks; it isn’t cheap, at £24, but to my mind it’s worth it”.

It was really wonderful! :+1::heart_eyes:


So that’s why you were late in this morning ;).

I’ve ordered a bottle of this as a little treat in July. I love sherry, especially manzanilla, so this was too good to miss.



Have done the same, sure it’ll be glorious in the sunshine we are sure to have!


Currently away on hols in Cornwall, hiding from Life and the Interweb. Briefly out of blackout to add this, as previously promised.

The Twiglets were an experiment. They didn’t fight one another, nor did they do each other any favours.


Looks great, @danchaq (the Sherry, not the twiglets!!) :ok_hand::grin:
Oooh, it’s really making me crave the Oloroso in the fridge… But will have to be strong, and wait till tomorrow.
Enjoy your holiday! :wink::sun_with_face::wine_glass: