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Is this the time, and weather, for a sherry?



I love sherry and have been fortunate enough to meet people who feel similar. Fino and fish & chips is a glorious pairing and I agree re Tapas where I tend to favour an Oloroso or Manzanilla. PX is a fab drop too either on its own or poured over vanilla ice cream!


I have a bottle of 10 year old Tawny port in the fridge at all times. Currently on Taylor’s. The Exhibition 10yo is excellent, by the way.


I’m a sherry in winter person, summer is G&T time. I drink less sherry than I used to. I think during the day I often get a bit dehydrated so whilst I’m cooking dinner go for a weak G&T rather than a sherry, partly to rehydrate me.


This is ingenious! Fino will be my new malt vinegar from now on.


Thought I would pull out this quote from @szaki1974 and @wamt74’s excellent review of the recent Christmas press tastings. I had heard the rumour about a special Palo Cortado being listed for Christmas. As @ewan said:

The wine isn’t listed on the site yet, but put a reminder in your diaries for December as it will probably go quickly.

It is ALWAYS the weather for a Palo Cortado!


Just back from Jerez where the best wine shop in the town had lots of sherry in half or 50cl bottles, a lot of it en rama. Of those I tried the standout was a lovely fino en rama from Colosia, bottled 30/08/17.

Interestingly the only half (apart from PX) at Jerez airport was Tio Pepe en rama.


Lucky :smiley: its amazing how much Sherry en Rama is different to the normal sherry on the shelves after its been filtered and stabalised. Was a bit of an eye opener when trying Tio Pepe standard vs Tio Pepe en Rama back to back!


If you are interested in the wines of the Jerez region I’ve just blogged on our recent holiday there.


Love this, thanks for sharing, Juan. I love Sherry, and am always a little sad it’s so under appreciated and misunderstood in this country (outside of wine journalists). I can think of no more civilised or gastronomic an aperitif than a glass of sherry and some roasted almonds. It’s really good to hear passion from someone from the area itself. One of the things I really love about sherry is how it’s so linked to its region. It literally couldn’t be produced anywhere else, as far as I understand.


Thank you William! It’s always good to hear from other people passionate about Sherry! I think you are right, sherry is totally linked to the region where it comes from. It’s only now that a lot of people in the wine trade and press are starting to realise that sherry is not only the result if its ageing system but also its soil and weather. For me, the palomino grape has the capacity to transmit the salty minerality of almariza soils in an unique way. In fact more and more producers are bottling single vineyard wines.


Thanks for responding. Funnily enough I tried my first vintage Sherry this autumn (1998 Lustau at M&S press tasting). It was extraordinary and I can’t wait to buy a bottle!


apologies to @wamt74 and @Juan for the interruption, but I moved this great chat about sherry to this thread since it deserved to be revived considering we are approaching peak sherry buying season in the UK (despite the perfection of Fino for summer) and because others might want to read more about the suggestions made above.

Hope you don’t mind guys (since this was sherry-focused rather than ‘epiphanic’) :wink:


In fact, this reminds me that it is currently Sherry Week … has anyone taken part in a tasting or opened anything to celebrate?

I’m embarrassingly sherry-less but some arrives in my order to day I believe



Did someone say Sherry? :smiley:


Last bottle of Tio Pepe en rama in the fridge for tonight.

Just ordered some Equipo Navazos from Darley Abbey Wines. Usually out of my price range these days but these are just about affordable. Easily the best sherry I have ever tasted.


I also just signed up for some Equipo Navazos from The Sampler… hope I get an allocation

Saying that the palo cortado offered in TWS Christmas list sounds also interesting.

Though I was told by @Ewan that an even better one is coming 4 December, at twice the price, but really very good based on TWS Christmas press tasting - link to that thread here


Have had that Palo Cortado a couple of times, really good stuff and a decent price.


For me I usually go with Fino in the summer then gradually move to slightly fuller body Amontillado and Olorosos as autumn and winter closes in - matching off the food through the year.

I do try and convert as many people as I can to Sherry - although not too many as supply will reduce!

I know when I was converted to Sherry I needed to keep trying it to fully understand it - usually people just try it once and find the dryness and complex flavours a bit overwhelming so it takes probably about 3 tastes before your tongue gets used to it!


It was a bottle of Manzanilla Gitana from Bodegas Hidalgo that converted me. I was offered this in a restaurant in Budapest as wine pairing to very intense consomme (which to that date I thought was one of the toughest wine pairing tasks there is), it was perfect. I have never looked back. I can also now confess that I am partial to a PX… the stickier the better. I sometimes order it instead of pudding. Last time in Barrafina they sensibly suggested I have my coffee before the PX… always a good idea


Or just add the PX as a sauce onto vanilla ice cream :smiley: