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Is this an anomaly? - Cheap aged white Burgundy on the list


I just saw this wine on the list…

This looks like an anomaly to me… or may be a punt? Surely TWS would not offer it if it was off. To me it will be worth a two bottle punt…


Hmm interesting. There are a couple of cellar tracker reviews from 2014 saying it seemed flabby then, so it’d be surprising if it had improved since. But worth a couple of bottles, for the sake of scientific investigation…


I’d say definitely worth a punt…think I will take a chance on a few of those!

What's in your basket? [28 May]

Ooooh. :heart_eyes: Checked with the Merch guys and it’s not an anomaly - just a bin-end. Fully mature though so we decided to amend the tasting note a bit to emphasise the creamy, buttery character you’d expect from a mature Burgundy.

Aaaand I also added two bottles to my basket. :laughing: Looking forward to hearing what you all think!


It’s probably delicious so order now! I have a case of the 2007 of this wine which is now showing very well.

On that note about flabbiness. 2009 was a hot year and some of the whites did go through a stage of flabbiness, so I’m not surprised to read that. But although I haven’t had any of Prudhon’s 2009 whites, other producers’ whites seem to be shaking that off. And St. Aubin, being a bit off the main drag, may have its location working in its favour here.


Very true - Saint Aubin is in a bit of a natural amphitheatre hiding it from the sun and so stays far cooler than a lot of the areas around it. Means that it’s not only a great place to buy from in hot vintages but also one to keep in mind for the future…Global Warming and all…


I’ve never been very impressed with Prudhon wines in the past, but at that price, its on my wishlist.


Prudhon’s wines tend to be less good when younger (individual tastes may vary etc.) - but they usually come good when given some time in the cellar. I remember a lovely village St. Aubin red from 1998 which was closed for years, but quite suddenly opened up about 4 or 5 years ago into an attractive adult. The whites don’t close, but may go through a period of adolescent surliness.

I usually try to keep a few going. The good thing about the whites is that they seem less prone to premox, unlike some starrier names. Anyway, the society guarantee will protect against that. We all need to compare notes once we get to try them!


I have to say that my experience of Prudhon Burgundy has all been of younger wines.


I have quite enough adolescent surliness at home already.


It’s all ahead of me @MrNXM :woman_facepalming:t3:, any tips for the future greatly appreciated :+1::rofl:!


Drink more wine. :wine_glass::wine_glass:


…and it’s gone. :disappointed:


We tried a bottle tonight with a chicken carbonara. It’s rather enjoyable - slightly close to the edge, with a sort of mineral, wet-stone type element, but it was creamy and rich and lemon-curdy with a hint of brioche. Lovely to get a chance to try it as someone who can’t generally afford mature white Burg!

PS Bonus points to the rather inquisitive Digby-dog in the background. He had a sniff and seemed to approve… but decided to stick with his hotdog :laughing:


The sausage dog!!!


Yes, I’d have loved some of this and what a bargain price.