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Is the new website a success?

Are you satisfied with the new website? The developers definitely think so.

Early feedback from members has been extremely positive, praising the new look and feel and improved user experience. We look forward to continuing to work with The Wine Society to build new features and experiences over the coming months and years.

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Time we voted.

Are you satisfied with the new website
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  • No

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When the article was written, in September last year, I’d have said they’re taking the mickey. There have been improvements since then but still a number of failings that don’t need to be repeated here.


There is an interesting juxtaposition here for me. I see no real issues, beyond minor teething troubles, with the website itself, but the IT behind it (and I speak as an absolute IT Luddite, so take the observation as you will) seems to be all at sea.

So I’ve had to put success (I’m not a fan of a black-and-white view of the world at the best of times, it must be said), with the caveat that a wider question might receive a more negative review.


I know, you cannot really win at setting up a poll. :slight_smile:


I spend far too much on it, and sure there are glitches and frustrating issues. However, I also spend most of my week using G-Suite office tools, and if anybody else has this privilege, they’ll know how many issues that has.

TWS are doing OK.


Honestly - from a customer perspective it’s a curates egg, good in parts. But yes it functions, so I have to vote it a success.

My issue: It should be better than ‘good in parts’ - although we don’t know what the design brief was in the first place. If I was the developer I would not be too complacent, and it is a concern that they hope to be milking our wine society for work over the next few years. But what do I know?


Does the job effectively enough, but I still miss being able to access a list of recent member (and to a lesser extent, press) reviews - that was a a very useful tool for finding new wines to try.


That it is apparently so difficult to change it (e.g. to fix the reviews or the log in issues) is a major reason for saying it is not a success. The advantage of a website over a printed list should be flexibility. This one seems to be set in stone.


My experiences (albeit limited) of the new site is that they have made some of the bits that I used to look at more difficult to navigate to and less succinct than they were before. I think the approach they have used is that the general users are all young tech savvy guns who know what an algorithm is!

I look at it considerably less than I used to so I’ve given it a no so far.

To give praise where praise is due, I do like the way remaining en primeur stocks can be ordered from the website (like any other product) instead of having to phone member services to order. That did prompt me to order remaining stocks for the first time yesterday…


The problem with reviews is real… and has been mentioned multiple times. Surely one of the specifications for the developers would have been that the reviews could be read?


I’ve given it a no. I agree with others about the apparent downgrading of reviews including the ‘recent’ reviews from members and press, to the extent I now don’t bother posting them. Although I don’t use reserves, I found the stories around the myriad problems with that truly astonishing. I still also find it quite slow, despite my mega broadband speeds.

On the other hand, you can still buy wine from it, so in that sense, it still works. My strong impression is that this was driven more by an absolute need to upgrade IT systems generally rather than being an enhanced user experience. It has failed so far on the latter.


Has it also failed on the former? The response times to emails, the errors on the lists of EP orders… not clear that the IT systems have been upgraded. And the failure to respond to the web problems also suggests a general failure to take anything online seriously.

I’m happy on balance. If nothing else it’s much, much more responsive than the old one and that was its most frustrating aspect for me.

Apart from the reviews issue, I would like to see a return to including producer profile information in the downloadable wine notes.

Yes, that’s a good point that hasn’t been made here as often as the lack of reviews. The wine notes are now much less informative.

I love the new website. It’s so much faster to load and more responsive than the old one. I’m able to find everything I need with no problem.

If I was the developer I would not be too complacent, and it is a concern that they hope to be milking our wine society for work over the next few years.

I really hope the developers are engaged long term. A website like TWS needs constant iteration. If that engagement doesn’t persist then I expect we’ll be in a similar position in a few years time - looking to build another site from scratch.


On balance it’s still not a success.

Some issues have been resolved, but there is still a fairly long list…I’ve found another one today when trying to call off wines from Reserves. The delivery date window is much shorter than for a normal order. Just spent 10 minutes on phone to Member Services sorting it out. A very nice lady there did this for me, but she saw the problem too, and will log it, to add to a ‘long list’ as she put it.

I had ordered some cheaper stuff for a club function on Tuesday, for delivery by DHL this Friday (on basis I needed it before next WS delivery van), and it offered me slots up to mid April, including every WS van slot on Mondays. I then went to withdraw some from Reserves with aim of getting an April delivery slot, and the delivery window closed in mid March!

It’s 6 months on and some long standing issues still to be fixed. I don’t use the site on my phone much so improved speed there isn’t a big deal for me.

All these little things must be adding to the time spent on phone by Member Services sorting them out for us. More cost.


The ‘result’ of the poll reflects most of the comments here - a mixed success. Certainly not a resounding endorsement.

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That might be intentional?

Reserves deliveries are sunk costs so why allow them to fill up valuable future slots when a shorter window shoe-horns reserves deliveries as ‘fillers’ alongside more cash generative ones.