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Is it too early?

Maybe you can negotiate something different for Christmas Eve…?

We principally have two special meals - Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and I always prefer the former for some reason…

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Assuming you’re referring to Xmas 2022 ? If so yes perhaps get this year out of the way first and start planning in January ?


No idea on wine choices yet, but Christmas eve will be the traditional Swedish Julbord (lots of nice seafood and meat etc in a buffet), then a rib of beef on Christmas day to cover the Anglo-Swedish nature of our celebration.

New year will be skiing in Norway, so probably a wee dram to ease the pains and an early night :rofl:


Ordered a Turkey from a relatively local farmer in south Dorset, as we have for the last few years in late September.

Will dig out some Pinot , mrs adb’s preference, from the rack which has been filled from recent reserve deliveries.

Christmas Eve remains open, game bird / porchetta / gammon a choice of I suspect. I have some Italian wines due in so that might sway the porchetta decision.


I love Christmas all round but I definitely prefer Christmas Eve to Christmas Day. Christmas Day is great fun but it can be a bit relentless! Whereas Christmas Eve somehow has more of the magic of Christmas - whether that’s memories of anticipation and seeing that now in my own children, the joy of family arriving from far afield, carols on the radio, a ghost story on telly in the evening…


Fingers crossed we will celebrate in Hungary again. Big family get together the first time in 15+ years, also to celebrate my Mum’s 70th. Have ordered the wines, all Hungarian, and my brother kindly took delivery. Now to plan the rest.


Family have settled (for now and to be discussed with our local butcher tomorrow) on Turkey and Goose.

Pinot Noir to accompany? Northern Rhone? Bordeaux?

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We tend to go Pinot with the hot bird and older Bordeaux or on occasion oldish Rioja with the cold bird.
It’s evolved over the years and kind of works for us.

Last year we tried TWS Sonoma Pinot which went perfectly…possibly Burgundy this year as we have some now from reserves.


Just me, myself and I on Xmas day, a game roulade ( pheasant, wood pigeon and wild boar stuffing wrapped in streaky bacon ) and Burgundy…

…45 minutes to cook, no basting required, no stress, job done !

And every bit as good cold the next day.


I feel the same! Always prefer Christmas Eve to the day itself. I think for me it’s a sort of a Jewish feeling (strangely enough!) - as all our holiday celebrations start in the evening. But I agree, there’s something about the anticipation which is exciting…
The Germans and Scandinvians got it right, I think! :grinning:


sounds delicious - even without the great wine selection!


Yum, thanks for planting that seed in my mind !

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I think mrsadb has just made the call…its amazing what a reserves conversation drives!

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The only problem with Christmas Eve is that I’ll have to do at least some work that day. But for that, I entirely agree that the anticipation is often the best bit.


The food and the wines sound perfect


At the inlaws.

Wine will be easy drinking and all in magnums. TWS Fizz, 2016 CdR Guigal, 2017 Vacqueyras Blanc from Clos des Cazaux and whatever sweetie I can find en magnum. Boxing day will be spent swearing that we’ll never drink again.



I’ve basically had enough of running around after other people at Christmas, cooking , cleaning and playing santa on my tod and entertaining outlaws or otherwise driving across 2 countries, playing santa and meeting everyones demands that this year Mr. Leah will ACTUALLY be home so we’re off to snowboard in the Alps. Shove the kids in ski school for the mornings, engage in aprés ski . I just have to tell Santa where to drop the gifts off… :laughing:.
I’ll be sure to bring some VERY nice bottles with us.


Sounds like a plan and an excellent one at that!

Not sure my mum would take to ski school…


She might take to Aprés ski though :wink:


We are doing the same as last year, going to spend Christmas with my Mam in a village near Penrith called Stainton. This year there should be five of us rather than the three last year as my brother and SIL will hopefully make it. The goose was ordered from Cranston’s at the beginning of the month, and we will probably have fish on Christmas Eve.

Last year we raided my late father’s 2009 southern Rhône stash for the goose and it was superb. There are still more bottles left so a repeat would be great. My brother is a serious wine connoisseur so he may have other thoughts. I’m happy to go with the flow. We all enjoy decent wine so whatever we have it should be good deo volente.

I may make some gravlax - any suggestions for a white wine match oh Community gurus? Any sauce will be wine friendly - I have no truck with sweet mustard goo. Quite possibly just crème fraiche and heaps of dill and some grated lemon or lime skin.