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Is it too early?

My wife has been discussing Christmas Day dinner plans with her family today, and kindly told them that I would take care of the wine.

So my question is: is it too early to be thinking about it? Is anyone else? Do you know what you’ll be eating/drinking yet?

I need a lie down…


Yes. No. No. That’s imo anyway!


As I read this my wife said ‘40-something days until Christmas.’

I guess I am lucky this year. It’s the sister in law’s turn so all we have to do is turn up at the appointed hour. There won’t be any “decent” wine, just supermarket plonk. Will have to make up for it on boxing day when we get home. :wine_glass::clinking_glasses:


That seems an agreeable compromise to me


I already know what eating and drinking had it planned at the start of the month!

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I have a couple of magnums that were originally destined for last Christmas.

Given the number of wines that are out of stock or low stock, it might be prudent to think about it sooner rather than later, unless of course you have plenty of choice in your cellar/fridge/reserves.


I have to admit I did withdraw some wines this morning, post conversation, for the big day

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This is always the big conundrum. How generous to be ( in terms of quality) to people who will just hoover up whatever is in their glass?


never too early.
we’re only 3 this year.
me my wife and her 80+ yr old mother.
I fully expect to be smashed by 4pm!


It’s tricky. My dad will notice, but only briefly, mid-hoover.


Well said. I always have that thought and I think it’s a valid concern.


The in laws have ordered turkey and venison for Xmas/Boxing Day so I know what I’ll be eating.

There’s 5 adults drinking wine at our Xmases. 3 like a nice drop, 2 would be happy with fruit forward £6-8 wines and drink them pretty swiftly. (No smelling, no contemplating, just washing down the food)

A few years ago I brought out absolute crackers all day and after about bottle 5 or 6, any nice stuff is wasted on everyone.

My typical MO is now a bottle or 2 of good fizz in the morning, a nice white pre-lunch, then some good stuff with the bird (maybe a magnum and a bottle of something else decent)
Then after that, just nice stuff that everyone is going to be happy drinking and normally in the £8-15 bracket. And after the Port and whisky someone else can open something!


I’ve already planned mine. I’ll be the only person drinking (one other person might have half a glass) so it means I get to have exactly what I want. I’ve also aimed for something closer to 12% so I don’t show myself up given everyone else will be stone cold sober.


I ordered the turkey on 30/09, ham and game were ordered last week. TWS wines were ordered in October for delivery in mid November. My very friendly and ever enthusiastic local wine merchant is holding on to a few hard to get bottles for me…

I love Christmas and revel in the planning and preparation. I remember one terrible year when, for various reasons, I left the planning up to my in- laws… Never again!


Turkey ordered about a month ago.

Game order being negotiated…I am usually in a minority…

Got wine delivery from L&W reserves on Monday (first time I’ve had to pay for it since they split with Majestic), from Decantalo yesterday (very efficient again), and TWS van comes on Monday which is basically a case of mixed whites from Reserves, some rose from the recent offer, and that whisky…

I already have a creaking 294 bottle Climadiff, plus 3 or 4 full cases lying around waiting their turn. I don’t think we will go short.

I don’t go for the top drawer stuff for Christmas Day, except maybe a good Alsace PG or Gewurz. Tends to be something that can cope with the food…usually a nice fruit forward PN, maybe a decent Rhone red plus a rose for the one who likes that.

Boxing Day sees these finished off.

New Year is when the good stuff comes out here…usually a very good claret, rioja or rhone. More Alsace for Mrs C.


Same here! :grinning:

It’s the highlight of winter for me (don’t tell the Rabbi, though!). I spend as much time thinking about Christmas decorations as I do about food and wine…

Just the two of us again this year. Last year main was duck and Pinot Noir, this year either Goose or Porchetta and Pinot Gris.

And, of course, lots of candles… :candle: :christmas_tree:


Goose and duck ordered. Lots of family coming over and I can’t wait. Probably my favourite meal of the year but I lean towards good, drinkable wine - as opposed to the posh stuff - as the emphasis is on relaxing and having fun.

If it were up to me, everyone would have to change into dressing gowns and slippers to watch Home Alone after the food.


Despite my best efforts, my family won’t agree to anything but turkey on Christmas day.


I feel, comparatively (embarrassingly?), like theres a generally lackadaisical level of preplanning going on here :smiley:

Theoretically, it’s going to be (because it’s kind of a routine)…

Christmas Eve (our evening):

Seafood (wishlist of Lobster and Scallops, see what the market has to offer) with a 2014 Le Faite Blanc St Mont

Venison or Mallard with Barolo or Barbaresco. It’s 6 years since I last had a 2010 Cascina Adelaide Fossati, so the cross hairs are firmly fixed on that as we speak, and last year I tried to half arse it and go for a Bricco del Drago. Did not cut the mustard

And with a dessert-yet-to-be-decided (but will definitely be fruit based) it will be Jurancon - my mind is telling me a 2014 Jardins de Babylone. We’ll see.

Christmas day at her mums, will, unfortunatley, be ‘traditional’:

So likely Prawn Cocktail, probably with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot

Turkey ‘with all the trimmings’ with something equally bland and crowd pleasing (did that sound glib?) - I never pair it right with turkey, any suggestions? I’m thinking Spatburgunder or even white.

and Christmas Pudding. Which is a pain to pair with, I’m thinking Madeira.

Then Boxing Day should be at my mums, where we all cook/prepare a course and bring it along (and I bring the wine :smiley:):

Mains (mine this year): Treacle Fillet of Beef with braised Ox Cheek and Celeriac Mousseline. It has to be a big 'un (really big!), and quite fruit forward to go with all that richness, so I’m erring on the side of 2015 Bordeaux - Ch. Olivier PL, or even, if I’m feeling particularly generous (or equally, insane), Magnum of Malescot St Exupery Margaux or Langoa Barton St Julien.

I’m yet to know what the other courses are, so wines cellar is on 48 hours notice.