Is it too early? Sharing Christmas Day plans

My aunt…a real Lincolnshire country girl…used to say about my uncle’s December birthday gift…" I show him on his birthday and give it Christmas"
She was also a champion drinker of Egg Nog!


As usual, Christmas Day starts with breakfast and presents with my extended family in Suffolk, followed by a drive back home to spend the rest of the day with Mrs H’s family in Hove. We’ll be with them by about 1pm, and kicking off with fizz. We’ll probably bring some of this:

We’ve had some tucked away for a couple of years now, so it’ll be interested to see if it’s developed at all.

Nothing too grand for us wine-wise really - most of the party are happy drinking light, crisp whites, and I’ll be pretty much on my own with the reds. It’ll be roast turkey on Christmas Day, so a bottle of the Pataille Bourgogne seems a good fit. Then we’re hosting on Boxing Day and I’m cooking rib of beef. Probably with this…


First thing at home opening presents, then over to my in laws for the day, who very happily live within walking distance!

Fizz with canapes first (I’ll take along a bottle of TWS NV Champagne).
Then to the local for an ale or 2
Then back for lunch mid afternoon.
My FiL is a right bank fan so I think I might grab one of these

Also still have a bottle of the Warre’s LBV 2000 I picked up last year which should take us nicely into the evening.

Of course come the day it may turn out nothing like that!


It’s Christmas at the in-laws to me so i’m taking all the alcohol down to ensure an adequate supply!

On Christmas Eve with some nice pork.

Then this to start Christmas day - an absolute find from the Champagne Tasting.

I agree with the previous comments about the challenges of finding a wine for Christmas Dinner - my go to is a nice Zinfandel to stand up to the onslaught - this year we’re going with the Society’s as it’s just a little bit more relaxed than the Brazin

After hopefully collapsing in a coma for the afternoon we’ll attack the cheese with some of this…

I can’t wait!


With canapés
Home cured and smoked salmon, any left overs for turkey.
Both with turkey and all the trimmings, bells and whistles

For the pudding.

For the homemade potted Stilton


Following tonight’s community tasting of the 2016 Footbolt Shiraz, the 2014 Magnums currently on sale could be a contender against the Puy Blanquet

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:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: We’ve got a Heston recipe for this on our website, but would you be generous enough to share your own recipe?! :smiley:

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Oh, that recipe looks great. Thanks for pointing out… now off to get some PX or maybe some port(?).

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Here are my Christmas day wines. My starter tbc but testing out a couple of things this weekend to nail it down.

First up, some fizz to welcome everyone. I’m hosting for the first time so I’ve pushed the boat out a little, for me anyhow:

Whatever starter I decide on will have to match this:

I’m going to attempt venison wellington for the main course. At least the wine will be good:

Christmas pud with one of these, I’ve bought 6 about 14 years ago and still have 4 left, stunning wine:

Finally on to cheese, if we can still face it, with a good port:

and the run of my spirits cabinet with coffee. Not sure there will be much enthusiasm for present opening after all that :smile:


I’m looking forward to the accidental late-afternoon nap. There isn’t a minimum age for that, is there…?


Same here! :+1: current contenders for red to go with it are:



Got a Bandol from M&S in the wine fridge, which I’m also considering. Perhaps against my best intentions I’m already over-thinking it, though!! :grimacing:


Not in our house! You get prizes for this sort of activity. We follow the German ‘schlaf stunden’ model! :wink:


Surely that’s where all the fun is?!

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I’m hoping the fun will be the drinking of that which I currently over-think :wink:


… and now I also got my hands on the reduced Rioja in Waitrose, and it looks like yet another contender to go with the main dish. The review in Decanter was particularly good for this one!

Decisions decisions… :partying_face:

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This popped out of a birthday present bag from F-I-L yesterday - whowza :grinning:.
At 60 yrs old, it’s going to spend the next few weeks standing undisturbed and quiet. Some Cox’s pippins and best walnuts will be hunted down. (Well, that’s what Hugh says one should accompany a VP with).


That’s a mighty fine gift from (I am assuming) a mighty fine FiL!!

Happy Birthday.


If he’s looking for a spare daughter-in-law I’m happy to volunteer…! :wink:

But seriously… What a fab present! Enjoy your special day! :tada::birthday:


WOW @DrEm, what a fantastic present to receive. Need any help tucking into that. I’m more than happy to oblige :wink:.

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@laura, I think you just found me the perfect recipe, thank you :pray:
Now I just have to ensure that The last Wise One doesn’t “go missing” before it’s needed!

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