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Is it too early? Sharing Christmas Day plans



I was wondering if it was too early to ask what you’re planning to drink with the turkey (or otherwise) on Christmas Day? We’re working our way through some whites and TWS Gruener Veltiner is very pleasant!


Funnily enough, I just revisited the Ch de Fonbel 2012 that went with the turkey last year and I think we will go with it again. It’s quite tannic when first opened but resolves quite quickly with air into a sweet, balanced, juicy St Emilion with a bit of graphite on the nose, very decent length and a bit of grip on the finish.

I have decided to stop trying to be too clever with Christmas Day. In our house no one really cares massively about the wine given the need to co ordinate a complex roast dinner and manage two overexcited young children who find the prospect of a large unfamiliar meal at 2:30pm a little bit challenging. And Christmas dinner is a fundamentally impossible mix of flavours and sweet/umami combinations. In previous years we have drunk off dry German white, which worked OK, and aged cru Beaujolais which sank without a trace against all the strong flavours. The Fonbel is pleasant, complements the food, does a job and isn’t so expensive to come with a weight of expectation that everyone has to interrupt their lunch to make appreciative noises about the wine choice.

The rest of the day will be accompanied by some
nicely bottle aged Bollinger and either some 07 Suduiraut or Stanton & Killeen Muscat with dessert. I almost look forward more to the chapel down lager with my turkey sandwich in the evening!


Same with us. I really don’t want to over-think the wine - just want to enjoy the day. Ours will be a tiny affair this year- just hubby, me and one of my brothers-in law who is single and lives in Brighton too. So the current plan is to have a bottle of Hambledon to start the proceedings, move on to some yet unspecified white with the starters, then Sendiäna for the main, followed by dessert and a Coteaux du Layon. Might finish things off watching a black and white film with some cheese and the Wise One. And I don’t mean the other half.

Might tweak things a little, but certainly not going to over stress about it… That’s the plan, at least! :blush:


We’ll have six grown-ups and four little ones on the 25th, with extras on Boxing Day, and to be honest people just drink whatever they want with the main meal: one might have a Baileys, another might have a sloe gin, someone else might still be on the fizz. But there will be a bottle at the table, maybe this:

Or maybe this:

Or maybe something else! But I’m not one to give much thought to matching the plate with the bottle (or vice versa), so it’s all good - just something tasty and a bit special, that’s all we need.


We are having a home made cheese and leek pie with this:

Over the festive season I’m sure we will drink this:


and for New Year’s Eve this:

Amongst other treats no doubt…


Not sure about it yet.

What I do know is that anyone in our house who I know doesn’t appreciate wine, gets the ordinary stuff.

I’m very selfish with my good wine.


Probably cider in my favourite bar in Portugal. Could be tempted to a mojito or fiv…


We will be at family for lunch and will be adults only. Only my wife and I have any “interest” in wine so we will end up drinking whatever is put on the table - either red or white from the supermarket. Without wishing to appear ungrateful I never have great expectations of “good” wine, however when it is our turn things are different.


I always find turkey a nightmare to pair with wine, we are going for plenty of fizz once presents are opened and nibbles are being grazed on (no starters here)

Then for the main event, a choice of:


I’m not sure if the off-dry will work, but I’m a little sick of “sauvvy b” being served. If nothing else it will sweeten up the palate for dessert, which will be served with

There is a high possibility I will change my mind in the next 3 weeks though :tired_face:


We will be down in Exmouth enjoying my brother’s hospitality and an Airbnb up the road. We’ll be taking a bottle of the TWS NV Champagne, a bottle of 2014 Chateau de Beauregard Pouilly Fuisse for a fishy meal on Christmas Eve and a bottle of Wirra Wirra RSW Shiraz 2010 for the Christmas Day turkey. There will be other wines taken down but they are the ones discussed and agreed with my wine loving brother.


Opting out again.
Renting in the New Forest on a self cater basis. Several years ago, did similar in Cornwall, and Christmas Day was a long coast walk with Game Consommé, Duck sandwiches, and a rich cake with mulled wine…as a picnic on a headland.
Might do something similar this year. With Mrs. S birthday on 23rd, she gets bamboozled by the excess of Christmas in pubs and restaurants…even once having made a specific birthday booking to be told on arrival that it was only the Christmas menu. This is not what was told on booking.


I Sympathise with Mrs.S . December birthdays are difficult when all the focus is on Christmas :christmas_tree:.


They certainly are, I was due Christmas day but delayed a couple more before making my entrance into the world !
But as a child I soon got used to the “here is your Christmas present AND birthday” , the world is full of cheapskates :rofl:


Haha, Mum’s Birthday is 20 Dec, nephew’s on Boxing Day, Dad’s was early Jan - have always had to keep a few extra quid spare around this time of year!


Haha ,it sure is ! I am also a twin, so historically my December birthday was diluted even further :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:


Our girls are August, but I’m sure they sympathise when it comes to having to share their special day with someone else…!


My aunt…a real Lincolnshire country girl…used to say about my uncle’s December birthday gift…" I show him on his birthday and give it Christmas"
She was also a champion drinker of Egg Nog!


As usual, Christmas Day starts with breakfast and presents with my extended family in Suffolk, followed by a drive back home to spend the rest of the day with Mrs H’s family in Hove. We’ll be with them by about 1pm, and kicking off with fizz. We’ll probably bring some of this:

We’ve had some tucked away for a couple of years now, so it’ll be interested to see if it’s developed at all.

Nothing too grand for us wine-wise really - most of the party are happy drinking light, crisp whites, and I’ll be pretty much on my own with the reds. It’ll be roast turkey on Christmas Day, so a bottle of the Pataille Bourgogne seems a good fit. Then we’re hosting on Boxing Day and I’m cooking rib of beef. Probably with this…


First thing at home opening presents, then over to my in laws for the day, who very happily live within walking distance!

Fizz with canapes first (I’ll take along a bottle of TWS NV Champagne).
Then to the local for an ale or 2
Then back for lunch mid afternoon.
My FiL is a right bank fan so I think I might grab one of these

Also still have a bottle of the Warre’s LBV 2000 I picked up last year which should take us nicely into the evening.

Of course come the day it may turn out nothing like that!


It’s Christmas at the in-laws to me so i’m taking all the alcohol down to ensure an adequate supply!

On Christmas Eve with some nice pork.

Then this to start Christmas day - an absolute find from the Champagne Tasting.

I agree with the previous comments about the challenges of finding a wine for Christmas Dinner - my go to is a nice Zinfandel to stand up to the onslaught - this year we’re going with the Society’s as it’s just a little bit more relaxed than the Brazin

After hopefully collapsing in a coma for the afternoon we’ll attack the cheese with some of this…

I can’t wait!