Is a Loire offer coming?

Probably not, but I got an interesting link from TWS that our own @Tim_S was not forthcoming about… or maybe I just missed the references. Great articles nevertheless.

Same from the MW’s point of view.

I am a recent convert to Chinon, but I would look with interest at any en primeur offering of the 2017 Loire reds.


My love affair with wine started with Loire wines, so I’m all in favour of seeing more Loire reds , whites AND rosés :smiley:


Ditto!! In fact, just decanting a Sancerre Rouge as we speak! I’m all for seeing more of them of all hues! :+1::wine_glass:


Yes disovered Loire reds in a restaurant near Poitiers when we had a bottle of Domaine Filliatrou vielles vignes. Sensationally good so we noted the vineyard name and sought it out a couple days later and left with a case of their wines.


Not sure about any En Primeur activity for the Loire, but I believe there may be some Loire-related offers and communication later in the summer being planned.

Great wines. What did you make of the Travels in Wine articles you linked to?

I really liked them, also booked tickets for the Loire growers’ walkaround tasting in London.


I wouldn’t mind a refresher course on Denis Jamains’ red and Rose Reuilly …:+1:

I will just wait patiently until I see the wines of Charles Joguet in TWS :joy:

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Hi there, yes, there is a Loire offer coming in the summer (not en primeur though) - sorry I should have made that clear! Glad you enjoyed reading Tim’s first Travels in Wine write up. I enjoyed reading and editing it too. Makes me wonder if there isn’t a separate thread to be started along the lines of ‘wines you always thought you hated, until…’ I have always a been a bit unsure about pinotage, nothing a trip to the Cape couldn’t sort out, I’m sure!! :wink:


Non en primeur is great, not sure why I said en primeur in the first place. Looking forward to that offer.