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Is a Lafite worth the money?


If ever there was a moment that caused life to appear in slow motion!


Oooooh dear! Spinach is a hard vegetable to match with wine - the metallic note can really unbalance wines, particularly tannic ones. Egg can also create issues for wines and if anything you might want a white to have the acidity to cut though it.

Is she ‘set’ on the spinach tower?


as long as she’s not sat on the spinach tower


An interesting article on fine wine pricing popped up on my twitter feed this morning:


Fascinating! thanks for posting, @Bargainbob!
I have little understanding of economic principles, but I totally get the law of diminishing returns, and how it might relate to fine wine purchasing. I am yet to understand how a bottle of, say, £300 wine might qualitatively differ from a £100 bottle of wine of the same style and variety. What does the extra £200 represent in terms of added value? Can one even quantify pleasure at that price point?
Interesting stuff, for sure! :thinking:


I agree with all that - though I suspect the £100 mark will vary from person to person.

There’s a further point as well, I think. At the top end, you are into luxury goods territory, where a further pressure comes into play. Which is to say that some wines behave as Veblen Goods, where a higher price makes something more desirable rather than less.