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Ipl 2021

7 weeks, 60 matches!! :open_mouth: :rofl:
This is great entertainment for cricket fans, sometimes - perhaps overload, but better that than the alternative. It will be great to follow our English ( :thinking: :wink:) players as they hopefully progress through the tournament. And to see players from other countries who are beginning to make their mark. And as this competition concludes we have the month of June full of visits by New Zealand and Sri Lanka, then Pakistan in July and India in Aug/Sept.
Talk about overflowing cups, The Hundred runs late July through to late August!!
A very HAPPY Taffy!! :rofl: :+1: :dragon:

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:clap: to all the above, except the bit about the Hundred.

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I remember when Twenty20 was proposed back in 2003, the list of detractors and naysayers stretched around the block. I am not saying that The Hundred will be a roaring success but that is our spin on a new format, I say let’s give it a chance to succeed. :+1: :dragon:

While I’m not knocking The Hundred, Twenty 20 has been around for years in the amateur game - it’s a midweek staple fixture for many leagues and clubs - I played it long before the counties even thought about it. The Hundred is a completely new format but hey ho I shouldn’t knock it until I’ve seen it.

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I had hoped, once I was retired, to be able to spend some long summer days watching county cricket. This year, largely thanks to the Hundred, there is just one county championship match at the Oval between the end of May and early September.
I won’t feel much in the way of natural support for either of the London teams, and to go all the way to London for just over 30 overs of cricket doesn’t make sense for me. (It’s touch and go for a T20).
What’s more, I’m not convinced that the supporters it will attract will ever be ‘converted’ to red ball cricket, if they already find that T20 is not attractive enough.

It will (most likely) only attract those intent n getting plastered, like a lot of the T20 does now. Don’t get me wrong I like the T20 but the behaviour of some of the “fans” I find appalling.


I think the idea is to get women and children in. We’ll see!

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Hang on to your hats! AB just getting going.

RR playing today.
Stokes & Buttler!! :dragon:

I hear that it’s going to be “outs” and not “wickets” in the Hundred :thinking::thinking:

Clearly aimed at six year olds.

Punjab Kings just reached 200 in the eighteenth over.

This format is obviously not exciting enough, though.

It’ll do for me.
Did you see THAT catch, and the Stokes one!! Just Brilliant!! :dragon:

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There seems to be a pattern developing - the side batting second apparently cruising to a win, then collapsing.

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Tell me about it!!
That’s sport. :dragon:

Maxwell and then an utterly majestic ABdV was a privilege to watch!! :clap: :dragon:

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Really enjoying today’s double header.
Chahar might be terrifying if he comes over here this autumn.
Watching a bowler this good is a treat indeed, as was the du Plessis innings. :dragon:

Anyone see the Bishnoi catch just now? Tune in if you can to watch a replay, it’s worth the effort!

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Capitals v Challengers. A game to savour, BUT the withdrawals due to the rampant Covid virus in India causes some concern, especially if it turns into an exodus.
My money on the Capitals, but it may well be a very close run match. :dragon:

And it WAS very close, and I ended up losing by one run. :sob:
No matter, Super Kings v Sunrisers today.
Form says the Sun Risers, but Dhoni just dropped the in-form Bairstow. :cry: :dragon: