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Invitation to Ask Me Anything: EP Bordeaux with buyer Tim Sykes, 3rd July 1-2pm



How come The Society don’t offer wines such as Le Pin and Pétrus? Crazy prices yes, but on the other hand you sell Rousseau at £1800 per bottle. Surely such wines are for speculators rather than drinkers, not the purpose of The Society.

[LIVE] AMA: Bordeaux EP with buyer Tim Sykes!

From @appearalot

Hi Tim,
Is it possible to have your opinion on best buy of your selection at the moment of St. Emilion and Pomerol, and please will you support your choise with reasons. Purchase max £20 pr bottle, but please go for best value for the money only. Drinkable now or within the next 3 years.
Regards Kristina

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