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Invitation to AMA with Society buyer Toby Morrhall



I second this plea. I wish the EP offer was filterable in more way s that just producer name. I understand for the printed list at least, this is how it makes the most sense (to those in the know), but online less so. I’d like to filter by style, area and price (or at least the latter two), rather than have to search through each producer one at a time to find wines that are a) in my budget and b) sound up my street from the description.


The community has obviously greatly enjoyed the 2006 vintage Cabernet from Weinert. How unusual is it for Argentinean wineries, or South American wineries in general, to release mature vintages like this, and is it a model that we will see more of them adopt in future?

What vintage can we expect to be released next of this wine?

AMA with Toby Morrhall, Society Buyer

What are the new and upcoming “areas of wine production” to watch in South America ? Are we likely to start seeing more wines coming from the likes of Patagonia and Peru for example ?

AMA with Toby Morrhall, Society Buyer

I don’t know much about Peru but the wines I have tasted have not yet achieved the quality of Chile but I will keep tasting.

Patagonia is a fascinating place full of possibility but also problems. The climate is interesting. On the Argentine side, in the rain shadow of the Andes, its cool but dry. Weinert have a winery near El Bolson, one of the most southerly wineries in South America, I have visited a couple of times. Wines are still a work in progress., but it looks promising for sauvignon blanc, riesling, chardonnay and pinot noir for still and sparkling wines. One year the birds ate much of the crop, another year it was difficult to find harvesters. The human problem is a big one to solve. There is little in the form of education and hospitals in some places so not everyone wants to work in a remote area. Life revolves around the family and if much of the family is in distant Mendoza or Santiago its a less attractive proposition to work there.

So far the human problem means there has not been a lot of investment yet. Many large companies are risk averse. But with water shortages possible in the future as well as global warming, Patagonia is a good long term bet.


Thanks @Toby.Morrhall, its interesting to hear where investment is going and new areas of interest to producers, thanks for your response :+1::wine_glass:


Lots more of this tomorrow … No more sneak peeks @Toby.Morrhall!!



I attended a commercial tasting of the 2016 Burgundies in January, and a couple of growers there commented that the 2017 harvest was both plentiful and good quality (for the reds at least - didn’t ask about whites - sorry!) Is that view borne out by your contacts and if so, should this impact our buying decisions for the 2016s? ie This time next year will you be offering more, better, cheaper wines? (Please say don’t hold back - I’ve already put my order in for the 2016s!)

AMA with Toby Morrhall, Society Buyer

Looking forward to this event later today. Set your calendar alerts for 13:00 and join us to read Toby’s detailed answers to your questions, and to answer as many others as we can fit into an hour!