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Invitation to AMA with Society buyer Toby Morrhall



Have you ever wished you could ask that burning question directly of the buyers at The Society? Well, now you can!

Wednesday, 14th March 2018 (13:00 - 14:00)

On Wednesday, 14 March Toby Morrhall, Buyer for Burgundy, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay at The Wine Society, will join us LIVE in the community for an hour to answer your questions for our second AMA event.

Will you be investing in 2016 Burgundy reds and whites?

@Toby.Morrhall will be joining us to answer any questions you have regarding the extensive South American range, however I imagine the hottest topic might just turn out to be the Burgundy En Primeur campaign.

Send us your questions

This is an AMA – Ask Me Anything format. Toby will answer questions that are posted in advance on the day, then will join us LIVE for 1 hour (13:00 – 14:00 GMT) on 14/03/2018 where he can try to answer as many follow-up or ‘live’ questions as possible. You can log in and join him, or follow the conversation later at your leisure.

Click here to see what happened during the AMA with Pierre Mansour, Head of Buying and see some of the questions asked.

Unfortunately the buying team are unable to reply to all comments and questions in the community on a regular basis (though they may participate from time to time and do read your comments), so arranging specific dates and times means we can benefit from the chance to catch them in the office and get their advice.

If your question relates to Burgundy EP, please remember that your choice will be very personal to your preferences and circumstances, and that all the wines are in the offer because we believe they represent value for money. However, if you have any general questions about the region, the campaign or maybe vintages, feel free to post them and we will see what we can do!

Post your question TODAY on this thread (especially if it involves some research!) and we will collect these to reply to on the 14th.

The AMAs are exciting and exclusive events for The Society’s Community and an opportunity to put YOU in the interview chair.

Your favourite threads - get to know the community
Weekend Drinking Thread [24 Feb]

Where do you see the window of value and quality in red burgundy? I’ve heard on this forum below £15 isn’t worth buying and north of 65-70 is pure prestige and demand related. What are your thoughts?

AMA with Toby Morrhall, Society Buyer

You have a budget of roughly £500 for the current WS burgundy en primeur campaign. What goes in your basket?

AMA with Toby Morrhall, Society Buyer

Do you see 2016 as a vintage to cellar or to drink early?
where do you think it sits (qualitywise) in the recent run of vintages?

AMA with Toby Morrhall, Society Buyer

Do you think the Society will ever introduce a Red Burgundy vintage cellar plan?

AMA with Toby Morrhall, Society Buyer

I’m one of a few on here who are big fans of the Argentinian reds from Weinert. The 2006 Cabernet is an incredible wine for the money. Are we likely to see more vintages of this in future?

AMA with Toby Morrhall, Society Buyer

Also, the 2006 is reaching the end of its suggested drinking window… how much is left, what will replace it?

AMA with Toby Morrhall, Society Buyer

New World Pinot Noir is improving all the time, and great examples and varying styles can be found in many places including California, New Zealand and, recently beloved in this Community, Chile.

Still, there are those that believe Burgundy can create wines from the grape that cannot be rivalled. Do you think that’s true? And if so, how much does one need to spend to experience that?

AMA with Toby Morrhall, Society Buyer

Aged white Burgundy is said by some to be incomparable, yet unstable wines of the last decade have promoted advice to drink whites within 8 years. I know you and the Society promote the use of Diam corks to help preserve the wines. If I bought 6 bottles of 1er Crus Cote de Beaune white from 2014 under Diam cork, when would you recommend I open the first bottle, and how would you recommend I space the rest of them? How many, if any, would be worth the risk of longer aging and for how long?

AMA with Toby Morrhall, Society Buyer

Great question !


Which we all know the answer to…

Interestingly the latest issue of Noble Rot features the rising stars of Burgundy, I will pick up a copy.


Some great questions already, thank you!

Don’t forget that this event takes place next week. Even if you can’t join in live, you can post your question and we will do our best to get it answered.

If you can join us live, then feel free to bring more questions with you or to follow up the conversation.

As well as en-primeur questions there will also be the chance to ask about wines from South America on the list or coming soon (with a Chilean offer schedule for April).


Another product-specific question, sorry!
Last year I picked up a bottle of the Corte Ignacio Casablanca Viognier, which was a bit of a revelation - probably the best Viognier I’ve ever had and unbelievable quality for the price. Of course I was late to the party, and by the time I went to re-order it had sold out. Are there likely to be any new vintages of this hitting the Society list anytime soon?

AMA with Toby Morrhall, Society Buyer

Oooo this could clear some of my bulging wishlist!! :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Tom - a quick clarification - would this be for a single case (of 6) or would you be looking to maximise the number of bottles?


Well, that’s up to interpretation. As in what would Toby do?


Don’t forget to post your questions here in advance so Toby and the Buying team can give them consideration before the live event next week.

We are very much looking forward to it


Hi Toby,

In the Burgundy offer you are careful in some instances to highlight the date the grower began picking. Should one read much into this? I ask because it appears Nicolas Potel began his harvest significantly earlier than the majority of the producers in your offer and I was wondering how this might impact the style of wine. Perhaps it merely reflects local climatic conditions? Or probably both?!

Thank you

AMA with Toby Morrhall, Society Buyer

Hello, first time poster here!
I have a question and a plea.
First the question, having read your excellent notes on Burgundy, does the combination of a severe frost and a warm year mean that the problems of over-cropping and under-ripeness , which afflict village level (and below) wines were lessened and so are they of particularly good value in 2016?

Next the plea, having attended the WS burgundy tasting in Liverpool, I came away with the impression that with whites the price / performance ratio was pretty transparent but when it came to the reds I could make head nor tail of it. The advice is to follow the supplier but this is difficult and expensive to do if you don’t have access to tastings at the big metropolitan wine merchants. Would it be possible to produce a table of suppliers for each region (cote d’or, cote nuits etc) split up into 3 groups: a fruity/forward group, an intermediate group and a more austere/backward group. This would allow newbies like me to make some kind of informed judgment of what might be suitable for our individual tastes. Better still, why not tour it round the country as a tutored tasting!

AMA with Toby Morrhall, Society Buyer

Thank you for a great question @wineintowater

If anyone else has questions to send in advance for tomorrow’s event, please do send them ASAP so I can get them to Toby so he can ponder them.

Please do join us tomorrow at lunch (13:00 - 14:00) to see Toby’s answers to these questions and we will also try to answer as many new and follow-up questions as possible too.