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Invitation to AMA: festive food and wine matching with Emma Briffett! [7th Nov]



We’re preparing for our last AMA (Ask Me Anything) hour of 2018 - and we’d love your questions!

Wednesday 7th November, 1-2pm: festive food and wine AMA with Tastings Co-ordinator Emma Briffett

As well as knowing all there is to know about our Tastings & Events schedule, Emma is much-loved around here for her legendary food-and-wine matching knowledge! This is your chance to ask Emma for her food and wine tips and tricks - especially if you’d like some help with Christmas planning! You can also ask Emma about our plans for Tastings next year too, of course! Our current Tastings calendar is here.

Send us your questions!

Send your questions by replying to this topic. Emma will then join us live for an hour’s chat at 1pm on Wednesday 7th November, where she’ll answer your advance questions and as many followup questions as we have time for!

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:point_down::point_down: Looking forward to seeing your questions appear below…! :point_down::point_down:

Seasonal Mixed Case Challenge

I’m liking the look of those Coffele Soave magnums…

Q1. Is the 2016 worth the extra few quid? (I’m instinctively drawn to the 2015 with a little more age… I’m still only on my 2009 La Rocca’s!).

Q2. What to serve with it? (adopting a chhose the wine and the food will follow… approach).


Hi Emma,

We’re looking to spend NYE with good friends over a few nice bottles. The plan is to enjoy ourselves rather than spend too much time in the kitchen so… What ‘easy’ food would you suggest with the following possibilities:

*Taittinger Comets de Champagne Blanc Des Blancs 2006
*Brocard Chablis Grand Cru Valmur 2010
*Chavy Chouet Puligny Montrachet 1er Les Folatieres 2010
*Chapoutier Cote Rotie Les Becasses 2012
*Sandeman 20 yo Tawny Port
*Seifreid Sweet Agnes Riesling

Note that we’re unlikely to get through all of that lot but thinking about something picky that will compliment a few of them. One pescaterian but he’s happy to sit out a few meaty goodies


What wine would you serve with roast goose?


Hi Emma What wine would you serve with a peppery beef wellington and madeira jus? It’ll have the full whack, pate, parma ham, mushroom duxelle. Thanks in advance :blush:


Our Boxing Day meal will be left over turkey and ham, chips and left over gravy (cos we’re northern and do things like that!) and bubble and squeak from the left over veggies. What wine(s) would you recommend for this culinary left over extravaganza?


I’m not sure I understand how you can have “left over” gravy, especially being Northern! :wink:


Maybe try with the leftover C9dP… :wink:


You let it set, then spread it on bread.


Fair point. You have to start by making a gallon of it to start with, to make sure there will be a little left for the next day😊


I’m cooking a ham with orange juice and apricots for New Year. What would you pair with that?

Also, what in a festive menu can I drink this late harvest Gewurtztraminer with? I think the Christmas pud might kill it, but I’m pretty desperate to get it in there somewhere.


I’ll second that as I’ve got the in laws coming over for Xmas day and that is exactly the question I would ask!


I absolutely love that you’re asking what FOOD will go with the wine and not the other way around :rofl::+1::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses:!


Straightforward, a great white and red to serve with roast turkey.
Many thanks.


Hi Emma,
Have the in-laws with us this Christmas, dinner is likely to be beef and turkey, mother-in-law is teetotal what low/ non-alcoholic wine would you suggest?


Hi Emma.
Goose has to be one of my favourite Christmas dishes (complete with stuffing of course) and severed the German style with red cabbage, gravy, sauerkraut and dumplings. What wine pairing would you recommend? I generally favour reds, but have tried most things from Mersault to red and white riojas so Aussie Shiraz. I haven’t hit on the right combination yet, hence the request for your sage advice.
Thanks in advance.