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For those collecting wine from TWS at Stevenage or, indeed, anywhere



Better off leaving the white to roll around the foot well right?

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In all seriousness, I certainly wouldn’t want either of them on the seat behind me. The boot is the place for wine.

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I’ve had popped corks due to expansion when on a wine tour in S.Africa (35+Celcius in shade) so in the heat the best place is actually the passenger footwell with AC on and a cover over that for any direct light. Might have to put the missus in the back though … I said back not boot!


Fairy nuff if it is hot in the boot.

But you don’t want bottles on a rear seat where, if you have a collision, they could go flying and hit your head.

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But their seat belts would be on, it would be very safe.

An accident of epic proportions, looking for somewhere to happen! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Better in a box, in a footwell. :+1:
:clap: :clap: It was funny though! :wink: :grinning:

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We used to Holiday in Appleby where we had relatives who had an extension to their house. We would travel From Leeds to Appelby via Settle, Ribblehead the Morecock inn and Kirby Stephen. We would take some wine with us in a Sainsburys wine bag in the boot of the car . Wedged in between walking boots and surrounded by coats.

I feel there may be a degree of overthinking on a trifle intended only to amuse :laughing:


Wine people overthinking things?!?!


Adds a whole new meaning to the phrase " that was a real belter of a bottle."


If the bottles are to hand makes it easier to bottle out.

Drinking and driving takes on a whole new meaning. Without actually having to drink.

Of course this will only work for wine over 12 years old. Younger bottles need car seats.