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Intriguing new Hungarian wine on the list - an aged Kekfrankos



An interesting new Hungarian wine has just appeared on the website that I have put in my basket to try. It is a Blaufrankisch (pains me to write the german name, but clearly more recognised) with some bottle age and remarkably only 11.5% alcohol. I have not tried it so there is a word of warning (or even if I like it there is a word of warning). :slight_smile:

Also, if anyone from TWS could share the maker I would be grateful. Could it be Hummel?

What's in your basket? [23 July]

Just checking on the system, looks to indeed be Hummel.


Just updated the product page for you with one of my photos - instantly recognised it when I just popped down to the showroom to check!


A grape with many names in many countries, looks interesting. This is a pretty good cheaper Hungarian red as well:


And just when I thought my basket was full enough, along come another couple of interlopers…
I can resist anything but temptation.


Not sure if I’m missing something here, but the word Hummel is in large letters at the top of the front label.

Suggests to me the maker is Hummel


Yes, @M1tch changed the website picture as noted in his response, I could edit the original post… I swear it was a glass of red wine when I posted


@szaki1974 - Yes, so I see! Sorry about that and tip of the hat to you for correctly identifying the maker!

If you don’t like Blaufrankish I’ve drunk it as Lemberger in New York State and Frankovka in Czech Republic. Whatever the name, its an underappreciated variety.


Oh no, I have no particular grief against the German name… I just grew up knowing this variety as Kekfrankos and I now have to face the reality of a thousand names some more recognised here than others :slight_smile:


Used to drink Frankovka and Svatovavřinecké (St Laurent) when I lived in Praugue, that was in the late 90’s would like to see how they have come allong in twenty years.


@NickFoster I made quite a lot of trips to Brno on business and had a bottle of local wine with dinner. I had to make a list of the variety names and the synonym by which I knew them.

All the wines I had, as far as I recall, came from Moravia. They were well made, good drinking and quite low in abv, in range 12-13%abv

When I worked out the names I stuck to the local varieties, as I can get Cab Sav, Pino N, Chardonnay etc from anywhere, but Blaue Portguieser, Frankovka, Zweigelt and Saint Laurent not so easily.

There were also some truly local varieties such as Cabernet Moravia and Andre

Liked my time there, worst part was the only direct flight to Brno was Ryan Air from Stansted so when I got fed up with I stopped.


Also dominated by Blaufrankisch by the way.


I prefer calling the wine Lemberger, (“from Lemberg”, now Lviv, located in the Ukraine) which is how it is known in Baden-Württemberg. The Wine Society had a great example produced by Aldinger, now sold out. Deeply coloured and really full-bodied without being too heavy.