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International Women's Day 2022

It’s here again! A day to celebrate womanhood in all its colours and facets.

There’s still a lot of work to do to overcome deeply entrenched (mis)perceptions that colour our language and psychology, but god knows I wouldn’t want to live in any other era.

So three Cheers to the women and girls in your life! And some female winemakers too, whilst we’re at it! :grinning: :clinking_glasses:

Here’s one of my favourites: Birgit Braunstein. Do share any favourites you have :+1:


One of our favourite visits in Pouilly

Valerie is the wine maker!


Chiara Condello makes some marvellous Sangiovese in Predappio, Romagna. More info here:

Also I’ve very much enjoyed everything I’ve drunk made by Samantha O’Keefe at Lismore. Fascinating story too, much of which is discussed with Tim Atkin here:


Had the fantastic 2013 Barolo Fontanin by Livia Fontana yesterday.



No words are necessary.


Agreed. If anyone is interested, Tim Atkin’s conversation with her is also worth a listen.

Think there are a few fans of Jane Eyre here too - this is another great listen, I really must try some of her wine.


Too many top women winemakers to mention but my favourites are:

Ghislaine Barthod
Veronica Ortega
Laura Lorenzo
Elizabetta Foradori
Anne Gros
La del Terreno
Judith Beck

Plus, all Those ladies who were interviewed in that excellent book called
" We don’t want any crap in our wine"


This is really inspirational and won an Oscar yesterday to top it off.

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Apologies but this thread passed me by so hats off to all of the winemakers mentioned.

Slightly off topic I know, but thanks to all the female drivers out there who gave me plenty of room and respect whilst overtaking when I was out cycling last week. I only had a few close shaves but in every one of them a man was behind the wheel :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have tremendous respect and admiration for Katie Jones in Tuchan. She has withstood sabotage, isolation, having to work small , difficult to cultivate terrain with perseverance, vision and courage. Where others could see no prospects she has made a profound impact on the wine production of her corner of the D’ Occ. A personality of substance and a maker of very good wines.


I’m someone else who was busy elsewhere when @Inbar started this thread, so missed it then.

But I can’t let it go without adding a word of celebration for the women who as head winemakers are responsible for some of England’s finest sparklers. Amongst whom -


Cherie Spriggs (Nyetimber)

Emma Rice (Hattingley Valley)

Corinne Seely (Exton Park)

Colette O’Leary (Henners)

These are ones known to me (not personally!), but there must be more…


Fab list! :clap:

May I also add Alison Nightingale of Albourne Estate?

An inspirational woman!



Hear hear to all of this, with just one minor correction: this is Cherie Spriggs from Nyetimber. I think that other woman might be a model?

Also, I keep meaning to buy some Exton park, especially the blanc de noirs which I found deliciously different to lots of other English fizz I’ve tried. I remember it being very dry, but none the worse for it. I usually prefer brut rather that extra brut champagnes, but this English one seemed to work really well for me.


Thanks, @Osprey. On reflection that’s probably right. I got the page from Nytimber’s own website, but I fear Google images must have linked a text reference to Cherie on the same page as a publicity photo. I’ll go back and try to change it.

I’d like to add fellow country woman Roisín Curley MW who’s making great wine in Burgundy.
If you haven’t heard of her, it’s probably because her wines are not available as of yet in the U.K.
She currently makes a Fixin, Beaune, Nuits st George and St. Romain.
Oh and she’s also a Pharmacist ;


I’d like to add Arianna Occhipinti featured in this BBC foodie programme:

Also Céline and Isabelle Meyer of Josmeyer in Alsace and Cecilia Jost of Toni Jost in the Mittelrhein.


Excellent choice!

That Tucci programme is such a joy to watch :blue_heart:


The premise of that show sounds awful - a Hollywood actor wanders around a foreign country, trying to ‘discover’ hidden gems and ‘authenticity’. But it is just really, really good in reality, helped in part by Stanley Tucci being just so darn sexy, and also by the fact that it places the food strongly in its current and historical context. Reminds me of Parts Unknown in that regard, even though the host is so very different in many ways.


Absolutely! He’s got such natural charm - and the fact that he speaks the language really helps and makes the interactions feel more flowing and authentic. It’s been my vicarious travel pleasure for the last couple of weeks…