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International Women's Day 2019


How about Caroline Frey? Seems to be doing great things st Paul Jaboulet Ainé.


Oh no, not another man writing about IWD…
Jeanette Winterson, both as a writer and as a wine writer. If I had the wit I would post a link to the rather splendid article in the guardian. I was particularly pleased that my taste seems to coincide with hers, the Bollinger and Guigal’s Cote du Rhone. (Actually I think that this link should work). She is a genius and loves wine, what more could we ask for?


Great article! Really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting.


Definitely second this. One of our most memorable wine experiences was tasting there, sitting in the enormous kitchen, trying wine after gorgeous wine served by the immaculately coiffed and dressed Colette, while family life proceeded apace all around us.

What she and her daughters achieved with the winery is remarkable by any standards. To do so as women, at the time when they did, is doubly so.


A bit late but this family deserves a mention

And on the saxophone front this young star is an inspiration and a fellow Cumbrian


I would mention Arianna Occhipinti, though I know in the past she has refused to associate herself with groups representing women winemakers. She is apparently fiercly strong-willed, and prefers to identify as an excellent winemaker irrespective of gender. I can see both points of view, and suppose we have to let individuals do what they think most appropriate.


Absolutely! I wrote an article about women winemakers back in 2012 and my conclusion was that I longed for a day when they were just known as ‘winemakers’ rather than ‘women winemakers’. So I can certainly see both points of view.
I’ll look up Arianna Occhipinti - I’d not heard of her before. :slight_smile:


Hear! Hear!

I think this is true for so many other professions… One day, perhaps… :crossed_fingers:


I wasn’t sure how much of an introduction Arianna Occhipinti needed, but here are a few words…

She grows wine in the S E of Sicily, just down the road from Azienda Agricola COS, and her uncle was a co-founder of COS, the O in COS also standing for Occhipinti. Her wines are intense - bursting with fresh minerality and fruit. All natural wines, but nothing at all to “frighten the horses” for sceptics of the natural wine movement. Many people think her wines are superior to those of COS, but I am not so sure as I really like COS wines too. I believe I read she has help now in the business, but when set out she did practically everything in the vineyard and winery single-handedly.


I loved her wines that I tried, SP68 Rosso and Frappato. BBR stocks them, but normally sell out very quickly.


She sounds incredible! I like the sound of her wines - sound very ‘minimal intervention’ and vibrant. Clearly I should be paying more attention! :smiley:

@szaki1974 I guess I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for some stock somewhere… even if it means buying wines from a competitor! :scream:


‘Lady doctor’ still rears its head every now and again, even though most GPs are women…!


Indeed! Is yours one…?


agreed…no need for Womens day …Winemakers day, Physicists day, Cancer surgeons day.


I think the fact that there is still one is telling. But I’m with you, @onlyawino, the day we can simply celebrate people for what they are/do, and when their gender isn’t a barrier - will be a very happy one indeed! :clinking_glasses:


For her sins, yes! :rofl: :sleeping:


With sins like these, there is no need for absolution! :wink:
Good woman! :+1:


I like this.



My wife and daughter are inveterate list makers ! Unfortunately wine doesnt have a place on the lists…and calamity daughter prefers Jonah Lomu SB to Vincent Clerc SB…heathen:neutral_face: