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International Women's Day 2018


Today is International Women’s Day 2018 and I thought it might be a good occasion to take a moment to share some positive mentions of inspirational women around the world.

Who has inspired you in the last year, and why?

I don’t believe this should be limited to ‘Women in Wine’ but to list those who have inspired us this year and deserve some special recognition.

These might be personal suggestions, and may not all be famous names, but they might be someone who you feel has changed your views, particularly on the theme of #PressforProgress (this year’s theme).

I will kick off with my two mentions and I really look forward to reading yours.

Carole Cadwalladr - journalist and author. I first heard her speak at a conference I attended last year and have followed her journalism since. Whatever you think of the topics she is researching, her willingness to keep going despite the threats and bile directed at her is inspiring. For this effort she won the British Journalism Award for her work on democracy and technology.

Muzoon Almellehan - UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Refugee and Campaigner. I also first heard about Muzoon at an education conference I attended, and her story is really staggering. Despite EVERYTHING she went through as a refugee from Syria, she has campaigned tirelessly for the education of children, but particularly girls - not just in refugee camps, but also in places like the UK. I encourage you to watch this video and learn her story.


What a great subject, and fantastic choices, @robert_mcintosh!
At the risk of sounding sentimental or even trite, the female who inspired me most this year is my daughter. As a teenage girl, trying to forge her own identity in what is often a confusing and harsh world, she somehow manages to see the good in everything. It’s fascinating seeing her turning into her own person, making mistakes but learning about her capacities, as well as limitations, every day. She is still affectionate, kind and empathic, despite teenage angst (that is also definitely in the mix!)… She inspires me to be a better parent, and a better person. :grinning::heartbeat:


I almost included my (newly teenage) daughter too :slight_smile:

She led an assembly at her school this week on the #HeForShe movement that was promoted by Emma Watson (something I pledged to in 2014) and this was a large part in encouraging me to post this today.


She sounds like a fine young girl! And we need as many of them as possible! :+1::grinning:


A great topic. I am going to say Helen Sharman, the first Briton in space
because not only did she need to be a first rate scientist but also be prepared to go to Russia, live there and learn Russian as that was the language on board the Mir space station. A serious intellect as well as a space woman!

And my Mam. She left school at 14 because her family couldn’t afford for her to stay on at school. She became a telephonist, married, left work to have and raise two children. Then at the age of 39 she decided to realise her ambition to be a teacher. She went to college to get the necessary qualifications, attended teacher training college and qualified as a teacher. An inspiration to me.


Your Mam sounds amazing @JayKay! How fantastic ! My Mum also retrained when she was round 42 as an accountant … I don’t think we always have to look too far for amazing inspirational woman . Your two daughters sound like wonderful young women too @robert_mcintosh & @Inbar. It’s obvious how proud you both are :+1:.


And indeed hats off to all the women, past and present, who refused to know their so-called limits and went right ahead and said and did what was right instead.

I still love this sketch. And the driving one.