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International Rugby Union


Likewise but I don’t have enough experience of drinking windows. I appreciate TWS guidance but it always seems to say “now to…” rather than “hold on to that one”…


Who’d have thunk!!
Not me!!:open_mouth: :wink:


Me too! Can add the Raspail Ay, Moulin de la Gardette and Amadieu to that list!


I should have added Raspail-Ay and the Gardette.
Not familiar with Amadieu, not bought or tasted it.
I will keep an eye out for it!


It could well be, but thought I’d give it a try - will report back. One of the things I like about Gigondas is that I don’t tend to find that they go through particularly closed down phases as much as some wines do. One of the reasons I buy them EP is the opportunity to drink them right through their lifetime. I’ve had 2015’s recently that were excellent (albeit at the start of their window) all the way through to a bottle a few years ago that was made in 1968 and was still great after 47 years!

Good examples, made well, can easily rival their more exalted vinous cousins from around France.


And Cayron!!:relaxed:


Amadieu sits between the Sarrasine and Cayron in terms of price, and was available in the 2016 EP offer.


RH49211 Gigondas Grand Romane vieilles vignes, Pierre Amadieu. £70/6

This, the largest estate in gigondas, has made a 2016 that is full of potential for the cellar. At oncegenerous and elegant (the secret is the high-altitude vineyards, high up in the Dentelles), this blendof grenache and mourvèdre is a triumph. 2020–2030.

Magnums available.

I missed out in the EP but subsequently sourced a case direct from the vineyard.


Wow, what a match at Twickenham. Would be easy to bemoan the TMO but sometimes it goes your way (last week), sometimes it doesn’t!

A bit of frustrating decision making but overall a very good performance


And now our turn and a hoodoo to overturn!


I brought back two of the Amadieu Gigondas last year when there, there have been big improvements in recent years, before they were very average but the quality has risen, still not top flight but big improvement, the Grand Romane is very drinkable.


Where’s the Bolly!!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:!!!