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International Cabernet Tasting 2021

Recently held at Cape Mentelle in Margaret River, I thought a few people on here might like to see what the 20 wines blind tasted were.
A fairly impressive (and expensive) line up!


Any idea how old they were?

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I’ll try and find out for you.

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Looks an amazing lineup, but also amazing that they didn’t disclose the vintages.


Wow, what a line up!

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Yes, the vintage thing is a bit of a concern. Clarets can go into a bit of a hole for some years, though I’m not aware of Australian ones doing that. Though I suppose some might.

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Good to see Dry Woods up there with some big names!
MR wine of the year for its 2012 as a newish winery. Also some notable gaps such as Woodlands.

Mind you tough call on who have in or out!!

As this appears to have been a Cape Mentelle-related event, I fully understand why there are so many Margaret River wines. The absence of anything from Coonawarra is surprising, though.

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Yes I noted that also. Wynns John Riddoch might sit well in that line up I would have thought. But like all of them, would need some age.

Will be interesting to find out vintages. My guess is somewhere between 10-15 years for the Australians (maybe up to 20?) and 15-20 for the Clarets but will update when I can.

Edit: I think they might all have been 2018’s so hence no vintage on the tasting card. So maybe not as much fun with all that tannin and acid!

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Gosh that’s very young for such an esteemed line-up of Cabernet Sauvignons. 20 of those would have been a struggle to enjoy by the end; finishing on the Lafite!


Have they published any results of the tasting?

Erin Larkin wrote up the 2020 tasting

I’ve got Winefront’s (Gary Walsh & Mike Bennie) write up of 2019’s if anyone is interested I can DM them (behind paywall)

Will keep an eye out for the 2021 write up if I see it.