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Instagram: the wine society


I have just joined Instagram. On it i have found THE WINE SOCIETY. Also i have found another “the wine society”. I am following both. The one that is not the Wine society as we know it has pictures of wine and beautiful people. Its a site about about people having a good time. It has captions like “Its not Love I’m just drunk.” Theres also a quote from Susanna Clarke’s The ladies of Grace Adieu "Magic madam,is like wine and if you are not used to it,it will make you drunk.
The whole site reminds me of that Quote from Macbeth “Drinking turns your nose red, it puts you to sleep, and it makes you urinate. Lust it turns on but also turns off. What I mean is, drinking stimulates desire but hinders performance” Porter Act 2 scene 3


Haha, we’re definitely just @thewinesociety1874, in case anyone is interested!
There are a couple of others using that name - including an Australian wine society and the other account you mentioned. Nothing to do with us, of course, so I’d recommend just following the real deal. :wink:


I enjoy the little round up of member post they do every week, I like to see what everyone is drinking! Its very exciting when your photo gets picked :joy:


In the US, a simple google search for “the wine society” brings up our society as the third result. The first two hits are for an outfit based in California. (Part of the problem with that search is that google, quite reasonably, ignores “the” in a search, so including “the” doesn’t favor our society…)


Sounds wonderful!


Agreed - I’ve got into the chosen weekend pics quite a few times now although none that recently. It’s great to see what everyone else is drinking too, got some inspiration from it in the past.


surely just pictures of the showroom on an average day then !


Not having been to the showroom i wouldn’t know. However some of the people on site would not be seen in our Wine society showroom . Like there are some pictures of ladies in bikinis drinking wine. I have seen ladies in bikinis shopping in Regent street London WI. But i doubt if anyone like would be seen in Stevenage. I hasten to add so far i can tell theres nothing pornographic about it.


So… This doesn’t happen to them whilst drinking wine??


Its never happened to me.


It happened to me last time I went to Stevenage.

I think it was Stevenage -


So what actually happened?


My memory is a bit hazy. It may have been St.-somewhere-else.


The CCTV doesn’t lie…:joy:


Oh, I would strip down to my bikini in Stevenage, weather permitting.


I will have to visit Srevenage sometime.


On Instagram I have found #thewinesociety With pictures of The wine Society 1874 products and pictures of some people at Stevenage including:


Is this Gary and his golden bottle???