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I saw the below paid post in my feed. Can’t make heads or tails of it. I clicked through to the profile and I’m still none the wiser on what this wine is. I don’t think it’s aimed at me (us?) but does anyone know what it might be??


Looks like it’s a Tesco wine - Californian, by the looks of it:
Quite an eclectic blend of grapes - including Teroldego, which I like very much… But sounds like a bit of a headache in the making… :grinning:


Tesco give a good bit of info!
Looks to be something from a marketing department in Uxbridge :nauseated_face:


Everything but the residual sugar levels!


Yup, another of the Apothic stable. I shared a ‘Cold Brew’ wine + coffee wine from them the other day … (I shared a link, not a bottle)

Really not my sort of thing


O crumbs! We have a couple of bottles of an Apothic blend from Waitrose on the recommendation of some friends whose tastes are normally very sound. Will have to see what we think. Maybe the food match is all important if they are quite ‘sweet’ in that way some new world reds can be. :wine_glass::chocolate_bar:


@JayKay, welcome back! Hope the holiday was good , looking forward to hearing all about the wines you tasted :wink:


Thanks Leah! It was a great and adventurous trip involving two tropical cyclones, amazing tropical rainforests and waterfalls due all the rain, swimming by a waterfall with fishes and turtles, paddling through a flooded road to get to another waterfall, getting stuck during our travels due to flooded roads! Then the Commonwealth Games. All amazing with no real time for serious wine tasting :scream::flushed: The nicest red we had was a Shiraz from a winery in the Hunter Valley called Peppertree. Very smooth classy wine. The most disappointing red was a Yalumba Y series Merlot which ended up as cooking wine. We also had a few reds, screwcap of course, that tasted as if they were cork tainted. Weird. We tried hard to find reds that we didn’t recognise thinking it unadventurous to buy wines we could get easily at home which made it a bit of a lottery. The whites were much more reliable and we drank some lovely Clare Valley Rieslings, some very tasty Verdelhos from growers I recognised (De Bortoli, Tyrell’s) and some lovely Margaret River Chardonnays. We also discovered the most delicious beer called Little Creatures Pale Ale which we had in a tapas bar in Brisbane and then bought more of as we liked it so much.


I fell for Little Creatures whilst down there as well. Apparently it is like Australia’s original craft beer, bit like Sierra Nevada in the US.


Little Creatures is available in the UK. Well worth visiting if you are in the Perth area (they have an onsite restaurant).


Thanks Ghost of Mr Tallis! I’ll have a look online where we can get it.


Pretty much. Was originally made by Matilda Bay but as with most good craft beers it got bought out by one of the big breweries a number of years ago. Having said that it remains one of my favourite aussie beers and have seen it in Waitrose once or twice.

Was originally brewed by Phil Sexton who has a great track record in both wine and beer. Over in WA he founded both Devils Lair winery and Matilda Bay before selling both on for small fortunes. He then moved to Victoria where he has founded White Rabbit Brewery and Giant Steps wines, both of which are producing some top quality stuff.


Given its accompaniment in the photo, I presume that wine is meant to be drunk with chocolate desert.

If a sweet red to go with chocolate is a requirement for anyone here, a Rivesalts might be a good choice. A friend gave me this one - note where it was bought from! The back label confirms it’s a Vin Doux made from Grenache. I haven’t tried it yet, but from previously drinking similar wine I’m looking forward to a suitable opportunity.