Insight: Favourite Community Wines

I thought you might be interested in a bit of research I have done recently to get an idea of the kinds of wines you are sharing in the community, and which are proving popular, or at least useful.

I managed to pull out a list of the links to wines on the main Society site that have been shared in the community (since we launched). These are the links you share, and where the box appears, with the description, price and image, like this:

Some Statistics

The results are quite fascinating (to me as a data geek).

First, there have been 1,875 product links posted in conversations. These posts will have been for a whole range of reasons; from recommendations, links to wines you have tried, wines you want to know more about, and maybe even wines you DON’T like. This is not counting links to wines on other sites, or reviews of Society wines on sites other than our own.

These links cover 1050 unique products, including different vintages of the same wine where we moved on. This is interesting because it points to the fact that certain wines get shared more than once. More on that later!

In total, these links were clicked on 4,615 times (so far). This is also interesting because it means that we are not sharing for no reason, but in fact that readers are following these links to find out more about the wines, and maybe even add them to their wishlists or shopping baskets.

What have you been linking to, and clicking on?

The full table is rather large, but I thought I’d share the Top 20 … but since a few wines were shared the same number of times, this is actually the Top 23

What this section shows is that certain wines, like the Society Claret, get shared a lot but maybe, because they are familiar, they don’t get clicked as much. It could be also be that this is because this is used for example posts rather than a recommendation.

What I did find interesting was the spread of countries of origin. Having France lead the pack was not unsurprising, but it was interesting that in the ‘Top 20’, Greece, Hungary and Argentina come so high up.

France 11
Italy 3
Greece 2
Argentina 2
Portugal 1
Hungary 1
England 1
Spain 1

Another interesting statistic, looking at the list, is the price of these wines.

The average price across all these wines is £13.18 for this selection, and this actually INCREASES if you go further down the list. I suspect this is, in part, because we share links to higher-priced, unusual wines but also to wines in en-primeur consideration which will have much higher than average prices.

Having said that, this is not the case for this ‘Top 20’ which are all wines for enjoying now and prices start at £6.75 and the most expensive (excluding sparkling wines) is £21. Not a bad range!

Related to this, the average star rating (where there is one) is 4.1 stars, which is a good indication that the selection are quality wines.

Clicks count

As I mentioned above I am very happy to see that we are not just sharing links with each other, but someone is clicking on them. It isn’t just registered users who can read and follow these links, but other members can browse the discussions to buy the wines, and non-members can read more about the list too.

You can see that the links that are shared regularly, probably as replies to members looking for suggestions, are also clicked regularly - with the popular Grignan les Adhemar clocking up an impressive 72 clicks!

In fact, the MOST CLICKED links were actually the two wines in the most recent TWS taste, with 102 clicks on the Chardonnay and 159 on the Carmenere.


These are still early days. We only properly launched the community in September but the number of participants are growing each month.

When we launched we were not sure whether members would be interested in having conversations with other members in an online forum, or whether there would be the kind of exchanges where members would recommend wines to other members in a way that was useful. Would this be a place where you knew you could turn for advice?

It seems that the answer is an emphatic, YES!

The ultimate goal is to make being a member of the Society even more rewarding. It isn’t easy to measure this, but if the number of links, likes and clicks is anything to go by, then I hope that we are starting to achieve that.


Great work and very interesting stuff @robert_mcintosh. I find the community very useful and hopefully it continues to grow and build momentum with it.


Very interesting and looks like a bit of a marathon job Robert, but no doubt you will tell me otherwise :wink:

These things will tend to build and grow organically, and it will be interesting to see if this supplants member reviews to any degree?


Ditto to @Rich29 :+1:

Looking at the list there are still a number of those community favourites that I’m yet to try. I feel a wish list edit coming on… :flushed:


@robert_mcintosh Shame your table didn’t contain hyperlinks, would have made my life so easy! :wink:


this platform software can deal with smaller tables, but more complex ones seem to get messed up - so I switched to an image, sorry! I did try


It’s a really interesting table. I’m very surprised that the Society Claret has been linked the most - I can’t really say I’ve noticed the links for it at all!

One thing that really stands out is just how rougetastic the list is - 16 out of be 23 are reds, I think. I wouldn’t expect an even split of red/white, but I would have thought we would have been slightly more balanced…

Good points

As I say, I have not actually checked, but I think that I may have used the Claret as an example link, possibly more than once, and therefore it will appear more regularly, but not in places where people are clicking.

It has also occurred to me that when there is a specific thread (such as a popular #discovery thread), the link may be clicked a lot, and be very popular, but may not be shared numerous times. Since the sort was initially on the number of shares, it may be that I have biased towards certain types of wines.

I will maybe take another look at the highest click-to-share ratio and see if the split is any different :slight_smile:


I love this sort of stuff.

But please be careful of mentioning France again.


What, no TWS Fino Sherry?

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I just had a look and the Fino is just below this level with 5 shares already but just 13 clicks … guess we all know that one already :wink:

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This makes for really interesting reading. I wonder how many clicks result in wine being actually purchased? It would be interesting to see the influence ours peers have on our buying motives.

Of the 20 or so listed I’ve bought 6 based on recommendations here. Of the remaining wines on the list I had previously bought 4 or 5. There’s also about 7 or 8 that have made their way on to my (rather large) wish list for a later date.

I really appreciate seeing personal recommendations from others here, and it definitely has some influence on my purchases. I hope it’s reciprocated! :slight_smile:


Fascinating stuff, and good work, @robert_mcintosh! :+1:
I counted 7 wines on the list which I bought as a direct result of one of you recommending it. Since I joined the community, my purchases have been an equal mixture of wines I enjoy and want more of, and new ones recommended by community members. It’s one of the biggest pleasures I get from being part of this virtual community! You are all my Robert Parker (and far less tedious or predictable in your tastes! :wink:)…


I haven’t bought many that weren’t already confirmed favourites for me, but that’s partly because I am overstocked at present! The wish list is quite long, and hoping that some don’t disappear before I get an order in.

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As a wine novice, I find the community recommendations hugely useful, and have bought several bottles from that list solely based on discussions here. (I’ve been really pleased with almost everything) I worry slightly about there being an ‘echo chamber’ on here, with us all recommending each other the same wines, but there does seem to be a large enough diversity of tastes/experiences to keep on throwing up new things. (I also use this as a justification for taking the odd random punt, which is something I quite enjoy)


That’s a good point (about potential echo chambers). We are all social animals and it’s to be expected to a degree. It’s worth getting to know your own palate, and if you can find someone with one similar then that’s a helpful bit of knowledge on its own.

Slightly critical notes can be as informative as entirely positive ones. After all, if you love oaky wines, but see someone critiquing the level of oak flavours, that may be a positive for you.


I take your point. I think this will relate to the ‘Weekend Drinking’ threads in particular since what we are drinking might have been influenced by previous links and discussions.

That is actually why I am keen to promote the idea of the #discovery posts where a member can start a specific thread about a personal wine ‘discovery’ or recommendation and others can reply on THAT wine. In theory this will be new, it will only need to be linked to once in the original post, and I would hope it would encourage people to click on that link.

If we can do more of these, then we could separate out the links shared as suggestions (in discovery posts) from links to “this is what I am drinking” wines


I totally agree with both those points @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis and @robert_mcintosh. I love seeing discovery posts appear, and also find it really useful reading divergent opinions of the same wine, particularly as I’m still learning what my own tastes are, and why I like/dislike different wines (particularly whites).

(Just to be clear, my comment really wasn’t intended to be a critical one, I love sharing wine experiences with people on here in a way I can rarely do in real life. I just reckon there are areas of the list the community has yet to explore…)