Innovative products - would you be tempted to buy?

Seen anything that “breaks the mould” recently?

There’s often plenty of innovation in styles and packaging for spirits, a reasonable amount in beer (today) but less so in wine so it would be interesting to see what you spot, and what you think of it.

I saw this one and wondered if the revised packaging would be enough to revive the category of sherry … or is the fact that they’ve already “mentioned granny” means they’ve not really got a new perspective.

I noticed a new product at the start of the year around a ‘mailable’ wine bottle - a company has developed a bottle that will fit through a letterbox, same 75cl size but flatter:


Well,they wouldn’t fit in my external post box … but I do remember this. Not sure about it since the postage would be as much as the wine, and you would struggle to get economies of scale (hence buying cases). The weight of wine bottles is a major impediment here.

If you want ease of delivery, why not go the whole way and make it a single serve pouch you can send in the post?

There is also the OneGlass version launched a few years ago and available in the UK (at coop and others):

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I think another interesting innovation is how the label speaks to the audience. I find Fabien Jouves (Mas del Perie in Cahors, France) and Chronic Cellars (from Paso Robles, California) prime examples of these, trying to draw in a younger generation.

The former is normally in stock at The Sampler (who recently moved from South Kensington to my neighbourhood… This one is a good old world malbec that I have tried from their enomatic machines.

The latter are sometimes available from Majestic. This one I usually keep in stock if I want something big and bold

I would say in both cases… the label is like marmite

Saw this a couple of months ago:

Double-walled insulating “cooleo” bottle

Great idea for the summer we just had!