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Innovative (and cheap!) Cellar storage solutions?

Innovation isn’t my strong suit but cheap certainly is. Er, presently in the stairwell that leads from the front door to the living area in my flat…

…which just about leaves sufficient space to get my bike(s) down the stairs which are stored in the bedroom :grimacing:


Further to my earlier post (above) I actually got a double-depth rack, meaning two bottles in each hole, that is £3.05 a hole so if you got a 11x6 that would cost £201.30 and store 132 in holes plus 12 =144 (or plus 22 of you lay it lengthways).

At most you have to move one bottle to get one behind it.

If you want boxes, seems Amazon has plastic storage boxes much cheaper, and of course OWC and the thick cardboard wine boxes that TWS wines come in are free

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I see a mixed case of Produttori Riserva. I will be waiting for my invite for a tasting :smiley:


Blimey, well-spotted Hawkeye !

Now strategically positioned for easy access as it’s the 2011 case and good to go.
You’d be more than welcome too as an appreciative guest would be as good a reason as any to broach a bottle or two :grinning:

Edit - should you find yourself in the Watford area PM me.


Let’s definitely arrange something and I will bring something suitable