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Inniskillin Riesling Icewine 2007


Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone’s had any experience of this wine or similar…? In particular, its drinking window.

I bought this bottle back in 2009 when I flew over to Ontario for my cousin’s wedding. I’ve been a bit complacent about its age (and storage), assuming that it’s basically indestructible and would happily outlive me, what with it being like 9,000 grams per litre residual sugar*. It’s darkened in colour a little over the years but there’s been no leakage as far as I can tell, and the little wax seal on top is intact.

I think the main reason for the delay has been that I’m the only one in the family who likes sweet wine, and I think opening this just for myself is asking a little bit too much of my metabolism.

Drink up, or is there no hurry?

*Or something like that. Just checked the back label - it’s 242g/l - still pretty hefty.


Suspect you may have already seen this, but someone felt it was still going strong only a few months back

Alas, I have no personal experience however…


I think the best Canadian ones can last for a couple decades, if they’re stored well (sideways, controlled temp… The usual stuff). I suspect you won’t know for sure until you try, though… Hope it lives up to expectations! Let us know how it tasted if you do open it :grin::+1: we polished off our German eiswein last night. Nectar! :blush:


I too had a bottle which was given to me by my Canadian family that was kept “for the right occasion” for a long time. It was absolutely fine after several years so I would guess there is absolutely nothing wrong with storing this for a long time.


But if you are worried about whether you should open it on your own, I am sure there are others here who would be happy to help…


We should create an official ‘cup-bearer’ role here so that we can be dispatched at a moment’s notice to try a members’ aged fine wines just to ensure quality and consistency.

Who is with me?


Oh! I’m definitely with you @robert_mcintosh!! Quality assurance is my middle name! :wink:


There are two Inniskillen wineries, one in Okanagan Valley, BC on West Coast and the larger one on the East Coast in Niagara, Ontario. I can’t see from the label which you have, but if you bought it in Ontario its probably from there.

I have been lucky in visiting Ontario several times, and Okagagen once.

Last 2007 vintage (picked of course in 2008) Inniskillen Riesling Icewine I had was from Okanagan.

IMO your wine is ready for drinking, and though it will keep, it won’t improve.

Canadian icewine doesn’t have the piercing acidity I found in German icewine and they are ready for early drinking.

CT shows I’ve had 6 Canadian icewines from 2007 vintage and they’d all been consumed with 7 years and I din’t note that I opened them too early.

I open my dessert wines when having friends over for dinner. Agree that unless you buy a 200ml bottle it’s a bit too much for one person, but will keep opened, recorked, in fridge for a few days.

Tip for anyone going to Ontario. Buy before leaving for airport and home. Toronto airport ‘duty-free’ prices are exorbitent, much higher than buying retail. And only buy Canadian wines with VQA label


Thanks for the advice all!

@peterm, it’s a Niagara Peninsula wine, and if I remember correctly, I bought it in a shop when I was out and about. Yeah, the airport prices weren’t the best!

And I’d be very happy to share it with anyone willing to help out…! Failing that, I guess I could just treat myself to it a little at a time over the course of a week. I’ll be sure to share my impressions if/when I finally open it.

Or should I just send for the cup-bearer…?