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Indian restaurant recommendation


Hello knowledgeable members,
A friend from home is coming on a short trip to London, and have asked for recommendations for a good Indian restaurant in the centre (touristy area, I suspect!)… Any suggestions? He’s not after a gourmet place, but a mid-range price with BYOB or one with a decent wine list…
Any suggestions would be very appreciated :blush:


Hmmm …

Cinnamon Club?

Not sure I’ve ever been myself, but it is highly rated


I am sorry, but that is not mid range…


This one from the WIKI is very good.


true - was focused on cuisine and wine (a rare match) and wasn’t too careful on pricing


Cinnamon Club: very good, and if you stick to the lunch/early evening menu, probably qualifies as mid-price (the original, Westminster, is the best; Soho least good).

Again stick to the fixed price: Jamavar and Gymkhana are excellent, but harder to book.

Not sure which districts you want: Jamavar and Gymkhana are both around Piccadilly; Cinnamon Club about 5 minutes from Westminister Abbey.


Wow! Great suggestions in less than ten minutes!! :grin: I knew it was worth tapping into your knowledge! :+1:
Thanks so much…


Dishoom offers something a little bit different (Bombay with Iranian influences) and the food is good…


Five locations across London, wine list isn’t extensive but reasonable.


If you’re happy to wait!


Yes, Dishoom you cannot book.


Agree with Dishoom, although be prepared to queue.

If you want to push the budget, and get better wine list, then look at Gymkhana and Indian Accent (both in Albemarle Street) and Trishna near Marylebone High St.


Ooh yes, I loved Dishoom when I went a few years back. :smiley: Worth the wait.


If you’re feeling trendy the food at Cinnamon on Brick Lane, just around the corner from Old Truman Brewery, is great. The paratha and tarka daal is :heart_eyes: and no corkage!


It’s in Orpington so a train ride from central London, but Massala Dabbas in Orpington is a great find, fairly new, and amazing food - far removed from normal curry house fare (much as I love that, too). You can google it and see the menu online to see what I mean…


I do like Dishoom but can be a long wait as @tom said :wink:


Thali on the old brompton road in south kensington is excellent. The owner Vik Dhawan personally attends to clients and staff are knowledgable and provide great service. Most importantly the food is superb and they always have a a decent wine selection.

Feel free to mention the intro.



Just wanted to thank you all for your quick response and great recommendations! :+1::grinning:
I have forwarded these to my friend; Unfortunately he’ll be in London while we’re away, so we won’t be able to join him!!
Thanks again :blush:


Aladdin in Brick Lane


Kricket in Soho - fab food and a modern take on Indian. Only downside is no booking so turn up early, put your name down and go for a drink…