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In praise of... The Discovery Case


It’s that time of the month, of the every other month… when a person in a branded van appears at my door with a casual, how to do (whilst leaving the imprint of his knuckles upon my door), loaded with a case from the society filled with wines that might be gone by the end of next week.

The Discovery Case is a great rack filler. I don’t overly find I am discovering anything greatly, but there are wines in there that - through force of habit - I doubt I would buy. I’ve had some crackers in there and some gluggers, but never really anything (at the price point) that I would say I didn’t like. Less meh, more yeah - all things considered.

I buy other wines, I explore and discover in other means - but as a case every other month to sit in the rack for a Tuesday night with a big bowl of pasta it is a great addition to the wines I buy. I am indebted to the society for putting in a bit of thought to their wines without fuss, so that I don’t have to.



I always get excited when I see a screwcap with red and a white stripe as I know I am in for a tasty Austrian wine :smiley:


I’ve toyed with the idea of signing up for The Discovery Case in the past, but ultimately decided against it. A lot of my orders tend to be about discovery anyway - there are multiple bottles I’ve never tried before in pretty much every order - and above all I enjoy the process of putting the order together myself.

Is there anything that particularly interests you in this latest case? Anything you definitely wouldn’t have chosen yourself?


That’s an interesting question. Everything interests me, but nothing leaps out as a must buy. Things like the Society’s owner Gruner… lovely no doubt, but I’m not sure I care too much for entry level of the wines I drink normally. However, this case serves a purpose. To fill the holes in a wine rack where the other drinker in the house doesn’t have to worry whether she is drinking a £7 or £77 bottle because work has peed her off. And I am safe in the knowledge that it is a safe pair of hands for midweek drinking.

It is wine without fuss, not wine that has been curated to blow your socks off. By approaching it that way it does what I expect of it.