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In praise of Franc-ness


I read this article by Peter McCombie MW with great interest - it really makes me want to explore more Cabernet Franc dominated wines more:

Has anyone got any suggestions for great wines to try? I realise that the Loire is the main source, but there appear to be some Fine Wine examples from South Africa as well, plus a couple from Chile. Where to start??


On a related note, has anyone else noticed how often Hungary is popping up in wine conversation these days?


The best wines I have tasted come from

Clos de l’echo red and Les chanteaux white.


The best 100% Cab Francs I’ve come across are from Ontario. But recently I was knocked out by KWV 'The Mentor’s Cab Franc. (South Africa)

And I’ve just bought from TWS

for a tasting I’m doing in March of Platter 5 star wines.

I’ve had Warwick Cab Franc several times in past years. It’s the favourite grape of Warwick owner/cellar mistress Norma Ratcliffe who championed and pioneered the variety in the Cape


At the higher end there is Paleo Rosso from Le Macchiole in Tuscany. Interestingly it is a wine that started off as a Bordeaux blend, but over time they increased the Cab Franc until it became 100% cab franc. Tasted earlier in the year at the vineyard and it was very impressive, and interestingly they said that the US was one of their biggest markets!


I can’t think of a greater Cabernet Frank than Clos Rougeard’s Le Bourg. Although expensive and hard to find. Its Saumur-Champigny is gorgeous but a touch overpriced due to the fame of its greater cousin cuvee.

Another personal favourite is Charles Joguet, and its Cuvee Terroir is affordable and great example of a classic interpretation of the grape. An almost bare wine, more core and mineral than just flesh and fruit. Although not as complex and impressive as the Rougeard’s. It needs a few years to show its best perhaps.


There was this other Cabernet Franc related topic here.

I think the Hungarian regions of Villany and Szekszard are naturally suited to producing wonderful examples of Cabernet Franc. If you ever visit, let me know and I may be able to advise.

The latest I tasted was this wonderful ripe and full bodied example:



I had a feeling there was, but when I searched I remembered that being about the tasting note / ripeness and not more general. Thanks for linking them :slight_smile:


I planted 6 cab franc vines in my garden on Cape Cod five years ago, in hopes of giving Cheval Blanc some competition.

Check out Artiste in California…they are great blenders and cab franc is one of their staples.