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In person tastings ARE BACK

Lunches, dinners and sit down tastings… Can all be found here:
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" Events around the country

We’re looking forward to sharing the full details for our events for the rest of the year. The dates and locations planned are:

  • Tuesday 5th October – Glasgow – An Evening with The Wine Society
  • Wednesday 6th October – Newcastle – An Evening with The Wine Society
  • Thursday 7th OctoberStevenage – Members’ Lunch
  • Monday 11th October – London – An Evening with The Wine Society
  • Thursday 21st OctoberStevenage – Members’ Lunch
  • Saturday 23rd October – Bath – Dinner with The Wine Society
  • Tuesday 26th October – London – An Evening with The Wine Society
  • Thursday 28th OctoberStevenage – Members’ Dinner
  • Tuesday 2nd November – Nottingham – An Evening with The Wine Society
  • Thursday 4th NovemberStevenage – Members’ Lunch
  • Tuesday 9th November – London – TBC
  • Thursday 11th NovemberStevenage – An Evening with The Wine Society
  • Tuesday 16th November – Cardiff – An Evening with The Wine Society
  • Thursday 18th NovemberStevenage – Members’ Lunch
  • Thursday 25th NovemberStevenage – Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Tuesday 30th November – Liverpool – Festive Dinner
  • Thursday 2nd DecemberStevenage – Members’ Lunch
  • Monday 6th December – London – Festive Dinner
  • Thursday 9th DecemberStevenage – Members’ Lunch
  • Tuesday 14th December – Oxford – Festive Dinner
  • Thursday 16th DecemberStevenage – Festive Dinner

Please make a note of the dates you’re interested in and look out for more news of these events to follow.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!"


That’s a busy final quarter. The tastings team are going to be run off their feet!


What a timely post, coincidentally the very same was pointed out to me when visiting friends this afternoon. After being in relative isolation for so long we all agreed that going to one of the members’ lunches was a great idea !

Luckily we all live within an easy drive of Stevenage. Unfortunately, having worked in a frozen cold store for the first fifteen years of my working life, a tour of the temperature controlled warehouse still isn’t possible though ( due to social distancing I guess ) as I’d love to see inside and how things are organised.

That said, it’s still good to hear of another small step towards enjoying normal life again :+1:


Great news! Although not for the wallet. I definitely want to make it to more events, as Embee said after Covid you really appreciate them.


What’s the typical experience with Stevenage events? Do you take a train then a taxi to get there (so you can drink)? The whole thing, door to door, would take me over 1h, each way.

And for the dinners, I would need a train for me to get back home - so tied up to a schedule.

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I have no idea …. It would take me a lot longer than you to get there …. Living in Newcastle an’ all :joy:.


TWS is 10 minutes’ walk or so from the railway station.


Woooo hoooo!!! :tada: :partying_face:


This won’t be possible (or even desirable) to all, but the few lunches/dinners we attended in Stevenage we always did as a night away, which felt more relaxing. There’s a Premier Inn a short walk from the showroom.


Good to know :wink::wink:

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Nothing in Yorkshire……disappointing

Early New Year apparently/hopefully! Let them get their practice in on t’others and then the real deal for us lot (York, Leeds, Sheffield)…


I’m sure that once new processes and testing have been investigated by this really quite busy schedule, in the final quarter of the year, then other destinations will be planned for 2022 etc.
For me, we will all still have to be cautious and sensitive to the risks of COVID infection in the autumn and winter periods; in my workplace at least four people who were double jabbed are currently recovering from COVID-19. There’s a much higher risk to the events team than those of us lucky enough to be able to enjoy a tutored tasting.

Let’s give thanks that this is a move in the right direction and appreciate the events team’s efforts.


For Stevenage lunches we have had people make a day trip from York, Newcastle and Edinburgh (by train) and from Dublin and Belfast (by plane to Luton!). Not the greenest of solutions, and a long way to come for lunch, but hey. (We had a regular attender at our erstwhile Montreuil events who used to fly himself and friends into Le Touquet!)


Interesting. Not yet being super keen to travel out of the UK the mention of overnight stays does get the mind thinking. My niece had a baby girl who we have never seen having been born in the last year and lives in Liverpool. Combining a wine tasting had never crossed my mind, must check the program as I know her partner is a big Malbec fan.

TWS may have just created a great excuse to holiday around our blessed isles.


Interestingly, lots of the events which were listed in the email are not in fact bookable yet as they are not listed.
I wonder when they will be uploaded for ticket purchases…


I wonder what do I get for the £75 being charged, per event, for each evening:


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I was wondering exactly that. Other than a choice of Pierre, Jo or Sarah (for those of us in London)

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I guess we will find out this week.
“Specific event details will be released during the week commencing Monday 23rd August.”

I hope they will be more specific about the wines. When I asked about one of the lunches, I got a rather unsatisfactory reply from Tim Schwijk:

"There will be many events where we will reveal the wines before the event but for our Members’ Lunches and Dinners in Stevenage we have decided not to do so until the event itself.

Whilst I note your previous feedback by email and on the Community and I recognise you disagree with our decision, I’m confident this is the right policy at this point in time. "

The policy seems to be, Ignorance is bliss.

Needless to say, I haven’t booked, and I note that all the lunches and dinners still have places.