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In Memory of Leonildo Pieropan


Sad passing of someone who provided quality Italian white wine at a time there was just a sea of mediocrity, I purchased and drank his Soave in the late seventies and it was a revelation then and has been the standard bearer for Soave ever since.



What a lovely article about someone who pioneered exceptional Soave . :+1:


The family is also mentioned in an article about Soave in the latest Decanter issue. I’m not a huge Soave fan, but the article definitely raised my curiosity about their wines. I shall have to give it a go now!


There is Soave and then there is Pieropan Soave. May he rest in peace.


He was a lovely man. I had the pleasure of meeting him several times - the first was in February 2008 when, together with our Sebastian Payne, I entered the hallowed drying tower where the grapes are raisined on straw mats in racks before making the exquisite Recioto di Soave. Here are the pics I took of Sebastian and Nino among the racks of drying garganega.


Pieropan a definite cut above general Soave offerings. Several cuts, in fact. Article well worth a few minutes attention.