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Improved delivery experience

Yes I am sorry I overeacted which is something i tend to do. Until now I did not know how to flag a concern up.

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OK, OK. £4.75 Chilean SB.


If you have a house in the South east of England . Selling it will give you enough money to buy a better house in Scotland with money to spare.

Yes, as @MarkC says, I’m the one that lives north of Inverness. And, yes, it is a lovely place to live… if you like the life. It is a very different life even in Inverness. It’s really not very big and down South it probably wouldn’t be more than a town. And once you move out of the immediate Inverness area everywhere is quite sparsely populated especially to the north. I’m about 30 miles north of Inverness and my nearest supermarket/take away/restaurant (choice) are all 15 miles away. If I want to go to the pub I must drive etc. Personally I love it but it’s not for everyone!

You are right there. I’m moderately remote and I have a 5 (small) bedroom house that cost me 60k twenty years ago and is probably worth no more than 180k now. Go farther north and you’d get the same even cheaper. However council taxes are very high. Inevitable really with such a distributed population to be served with rubbish collection, fire services, and significant snow clearing equipment to operate.


Very different market here in Edinburgh and the Lothians but still cheaper than SE England. I do know that NHS Highland market their vacancies to appeal to people who are attracted by the outdoors lifestyle. However after reading Adam Kays book about his experiences as a junior doctor I am sceptical that they would have the free time to enjoy the outdoors.


Quite a few of the bigger companies up here use the ‘outdoor lifestyle’ to attract recruits. :smiley: And I have to admit it’s exactly what brought me up here!

Regarding the delivery experience, it might not quite match the lovely red vans but on the plus side TWS make no extra delivery charge and I have the same driver delivering for almost all of the southern delivery companies (subcontracted to local company) who I know well enough now for him to chide me for the amount of wine deliveries I get! :rofl:


I’ve just retired to the Highlands. Had my first delivery this week.
I got a 72hr warning from DHL. As in it’ll be here in the next…
But no 2hr notification.

And yes it is fabulous up here. Even the last two days hosing and blowing have been majestic!


Its fine retiring to the Highlands but what happens when your in your dotage? I hope you are living in a town and not too far from a hospital

Well today has not gone so well - left with a neighbour instead of in line with safe place instructions and a dozen white burgundies instead of a dozen lagers! I guess it is Christmas and everyone is busy. I will presume TWS want their white burgundy back and not crack one open in consolation!


I hope that sort of thing doesnt take a lot of sorting out. I wonder if you got some elses order mixed up with yours . It looks as though the other persons instructions got mixed in with yours/ I hope there isnt a gremling in the database.

No the rest of the order was right so a straight picking error on one line. Having worked in a warehouse it is easy to do

So you got your Hermitage?


I have some chronic medical conditions so that was considered -
In village not isolated, village has a medical centre, award winning shop with PO, garages (both fuel & fixing kind) & high on the list a pub (or hotel as many tend to be up here :slight_smile:
Fish man-in-a-van comes once a week.
Hospital is in Inverness which is 63miles east. Ambulances tend to be kept at on-call drivers’ homes (friend was one till back knocked him out) so they don’t have to come all the way and back!
Nonetheless you only get one chance at life so waking up to that view across the loch (house is lochside) every morning is life-affirmingly uplifting.


Yes, thanks. It may get opened on Sunday.

I’m taking a guess at Torridon? If so you probably regularly pass my house in Garve :smiley:

lovely picture. Whats the name of the Snow covered mountains on extreme right edge of picture?

Close, next sea loch south - Lochcarron.
Yes, Garve is a “pass through” to Dingwall (big supermarket amongst other, er, attractions), 'ness & all points south.
I know it as the place where the road gets fun now. I’ve been coming long enough to remember when the A832 was upgraded from single track!

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Ah I did wonder about Locharron, one of the most beautiful sea lochs around. I’ve often though about moving there; trying to buy a plot of land and build a small house on it. I’ve been a frequent visitor to Attadale over the years; I just love their gardens and their trusting attitude to visitors.

Maybe we should get together to share some wine sometime! :wink:


Sounds good. I’m away for Christmas but otherwise here for the forseeable.

Ha ha!!! :rofl: I’m back for Christmas and then off to Chamonix for 3 months in the new year!!! Maybe in the spring!

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