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Improved delivery experience


I think the use of a map to aid the customers experience of the dilivery process is agreat improvement,


I completely agree - the live map has really improved the service! I always appreciated the 2 hour slot (much better than the whole day / half day with other services), but this takes it to the next level.


I haven’t tried this yet. But just out of interest, is the position truly up to date?

I’ve tried using this sort of software with a certain courier that also offers it. In their case the reported position seems to be somewhat behind where he is in real life. I was watching him apparently drive through a neighbouring village making a couple of deliveries when he rang my doorbell!


It is…a week or so ago I was waiting for a delivery and it appeared to be quite close then stopped - the driver had popped into Tesco nearby to get something!

He also rejigged the route a bit from the preplanned one, quite sensibly and did an extra drop off en route to me. It didn’t show this as an extra stop though which left me a little puzzled until he told me, as it appeared that he had gone 5 miles out of his way for no reason…

It’s very good though as seeing that he had stopped gave me 5 minutes to finish something before he came.

The drivers are new to it too obviously, and he was quite interested in what I could see, particularly if I could see where he was going next! You can’t, as it shuts down once you take delivery.


A bottle of their £4.50 Chilean SB for the wife?


:rofl::rofl: I will now await @Leah or @Inbar to come along and shoot you down!




My pleasure…!!!


This is security-related - for example, on days when new Apple phones have been launched and are being delivered en masse to first-day buyers, it would be somewhat lucrative for criminals to intercept the courier in a quiet location. So there is usually a certain amount of delay and/or “blurring” of the location in order to protect the security of the courier.


That makes excellent sense, @dallardice - thank you!


A bit too flashy for my liking


I do wonder if a flashing like this might not be bad for feople suffering from epilepsy.They might not be expecting it on this site.



You can flag the post as inappropriate, which will bring it to the attention of @laura, NOT the Mentors. She will then deal with it.


I should have pointed out earlier that this could not have been the case as it was only 9am and we Scots are not allowed to buy drink until 10am, courtesy of our beloved government.


Is it you that lives in the vicinity of Inverness? Ever since last weekend, when the Guardian had “Let’s Move to Inverness” in its regular series, I’ve been fantasizing about moving to Inverness. I very much like the sound of the city itself, and it’s environs. Also being so far from London & SE.


No - I think you are thinking of @MikeFranklin maybe?

I am at the other end of Scotland, SW of Glasgow.


Ah ok! Anyway, what with one thing and another (i.e. Brexit). I want to move to Scotland.


Not wholly sure that will make the Brexit pain any better sadly…at least not immediately.

I am sure you will enjoy whatever end of the country you come to!


I’ve removed the GIF just to be on the safe side, purely because of advice on the Epilepsy website about flashing images on websites, which I’ve of course taken on board. But I think this point to remind everyone that any issues should be flagged so Community staff can sort it out, and we should all avoid replying to anything you think is against Community rules, especially in a way that could offend or cause further disagreements. Let’s all keep showing each other nothing but respect, please.


Yes I am sorry I overeacted which is something i tend to do. Until now I did not know how to flag a concern up.