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IMPORTANT: Planned Community and website downtime this weekend

Hi everyone!

As part of our move to the new website, I wanted to let you know that we are planning some downtime for both the Community and our website this weekend.

The website will be unavailable from the evening of Sunday 22nd August until the morning of Monday 23rd August . During this time, you should still be able to view the Community, but you may not be able to log in or post.

We appreciate your patience during this disruption.

Once we move to the new website when you first try to log in you’ll be prompted to set up a new password for security reasons. You will need to go through this step to be able to shop for the first time or to log into the Community; whichever you choose to do first!

When you log into the Community for the first time on the new website you’ll be asked to confirm acceptance of our Community T&Cs . Rest assured our T&Cs have not been updated from those you’ve already agreed to but for that first log in, all Community users will see this message. There will also be some information intended for brand new Community users about their new username – don’t worry, your username will remain what it is now.

Thanks, everyone!



:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Could you have chosen a time when I don’t have in-laws visiting and need somewhere to hide (and will almost certainly need another wine replenish!).

(Yay! New website!).


Haha! At least you can still read the Community, to keep you entertained, even if you can’t post. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Crikey - an evening without being able to virtually stroke my dragon’s hoard (reserves)? A true test of resolve.


Hi @laura - I’ve just seen the email and I had a follow up question about the wishlist. I presume the url structure for wines will change on the new site, but when it says “we will send you the details of these within a week of the new website launch” what does that mean - will I get a list of urls for my current wishlist to help me add them back? Or do I need to manually make a note of all the wines before Sunday?


Hi Tom!
You’re right, I think the URLs will likely change, so we’re sending a PDF with a list of all your Wish List wines so you can add them back once the new site is up and running. :smiley: Does that answer your question alright?


Great thanks, yes it does - was just wonderfing if I needed to do that myself but happy to wait for the pdf!

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My wish list :scream:

Actually I think this is a good thing. 86 wines is far too many. Some have been on there for years and I’m clearly never going to buy them, others I already have and just haven’t got round to removing them.

This will be a much needed virtual clear out.


I have just seen the email.

  1. I am away from home (not unusual in August even in these times). I think the notice for deleting wishlists, baskets, and private wine notes is completely inadequate. I will be back by Saturday; Sunday the site will be down. Am I expected to spend my holiday time dealing with your website? You have been planning this website for 2 years. Why give us 2 days notice that you are deleting our information? At least I read my emails when I am away. Some people try not to.
  2. The email just says that the new site will not support private wine notes. It does not confirm that these will be carried over as a pdf, like the wish list. Will they? Is there any way I can find and save all of them?
  3. I have sent an email to member services, but given the 2 day delay for replies, this will be too late to help.

You’ll get a PDF of your wine notes, yes. :slight_smile:

And there’s certainly no rush to add wines back to your wish list or basket, and Member Services will be very happy to help you with any queries about the new website once you’re back from holiday.


There will always be some that fall foul, when major changes occur.
For example, there will be those away for 2 or 3 weeks on holiday.
This sort of inconvenience occurs very rarely.
There is NEVER a perfect time for a changeover.
We should just take it on board as well as we can, and look forward to the benefits that are in our collective future. :dragon:


Good luck @laura with the launch and to everyone involved in getting to this point.


The point is not that a close down may be needed. But doing it with effectively no notice is not necessary.

Really struggling to understand the problem here. Wish list will be provided on PDF as will private wine notes. The only thing not carried over is what’s in the basket, but if they are in your wish list then no problem.

As Taffy says, what happens if they had given 2 weeks notice and someone was away on holiday for 3 weeks, still doesn’t help if there is a need to do much work.

It seems as though the society can do nothing right.


The new website has been in construction for at least 2 years. A wait of a couple of weeks would not be the end of the world and would allow people to save data and complete any planned transactions under a familiar system. You may trust the promises; it will be the first successful website change in history if all data are preserved.

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I don’t understand the rationale with the transaction comment, there is no real difference between the basket being emptied for the new site and the bottles in your basket selling out before you complete the transaction. In fact having wine you want to buy soon after the launch of the new site gives you a great opportunity to get to grips with the new site immediately.

I think you are now being unnecessarily extreme. There are often teething problems with IT issues but they wouldn’t say you would get info sent via PDF if they don’t have confidence that this was manageable, or even already captured. Not sure there are many businesses that change their website offering to send private notes to customers.


Just think what fun everyone will have, exploring the website and creating a whole new wishlist (notwithstanding the provision of a pdf of the old one).

Could be an expensive week.


Most of your posts seem to suggest you really dislike TWS’ way of operating. I can’t quite comprehend the level of constant negativity, and I think I disagree with almost all criticisms you’ve made, but all that aside the usual approach to dealing with an organisation/retailer that causes such awful distress is to avoid them, just a thought…

Anyway, looking forward to playing on the new website in a few days!


Hear, hear!! :clap: :clap: :+1::dragon: