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I'm not saying that enjoying wine has a bad image, but


Does anyone else bristle, as I do, every time this advert from the FCA comes on the radio?


You can just hear the advertising exec’s meeting:

“How do we show that this poor, genuine, hard-working man has been left in a truly dire situation?”

“Oh, I know, let’s paint him as some modern-day peasant indentured to today’s over-privileged upper classes”

“How might we do that?”

"Well, … listen to this … "

It manages both reverse snobbery AND being patronising of those working in restaurant service at the same time! Oh, and since there is no actual reference to identifying or stopping the scams, we also get the added benefit of the champagne-scoffing, rude-whistling, posh-sounding woman being associated with “them” (the scammers) not “us” (the potential victims)

Quite an achievement

Or am I reading too much into this :wink:


I think the issue is, as you say, this ad basically just says don’t be stupid rather than saying how not to be stupid. The link with wine is definitely reading too much into it…


I think the person in the advert whistling at the waiter is probably being ignored due to being rude to other staff lol


It’s a very short ad. and I guess they have to be memorable to be effective. Any more than that would lose focus.

I don’t think, honestly, most people would take any more from it than-

  1. Fraudsters are out to get your pension funds - be aware
  2. Fraudsters are utter scumbags.

That said, maybe it’s a good time to remind people that there exists a very real and dangerous fraud in “wine investment”. If anybody has no idea all the myriad ways that can work, a trip to Jim Budd’s “Investdrinks” blog site is a must -
Investdrinks blog site.


I actually worked at the FCA back in 2007 and 2008 when I was fresh out of uni and doing the working holiday thing.

In that time I worked with a lot of victims of these types of scams and whilst it’s easy to say it wouldn’t happen to me, or only stupid people become victims, it’s far too common and any exposure to the potential threat is a good thing.