I'm In pays-basque, what reds from general supermarket?

I’m in pays-basque for a week with the French in-laws.

What reds should I look out for that I should be able to get from general supermarkets?

The logistics can be hard and we are in a village we don’t know so no idea if there are any boutique wine shops.

So I guess lots of Bordeaux available but if people can point me in the direction of good years and/or chateaus that would be lovely!

Nothing expensive, 20-30 euros max probably

Thanks :blush::+1::wine_glass:

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Oh, I generally like stuff which isn’t light or acidic, complex with some fruit and bold flavour, deep cherry & smokey, savory or sweeter is ok

Well in a supermarche the French wine world is your oyster. However locally look out for Irouleguy, Jurancon, Pacherenc de Vic Bihl (dry and delicious mouelleux whites), Cotes de Gascogne.


Yes, I know I have the oysters of the world, I’m new to mastering my wine knowledge…

Thanks for those pointers I’ll look them up

What years were good for Bordeaux ?

I think I like stuff with at least 5 years on it, I haven’t had much older than that (while having my wine tasting hat on)


For reds - 2009, 2010, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019. Some good wines in all but 2013 but more variable.

BTW welcome to the Community @Russ_a


@Claret1961 has already identified the best Bordeaux vintages (which I completely agree with).

€20-€30 in a French supermarket might just about take you into the better Bordeaux appellations so for “complex with some fruit and bold flavour” I think I’d look at Margaux (maybe more elegant than bold), Pauillac, St Estephe and St Julien and maybe Moulis and Pessac Leognan. If you want a little more fruit maybe St Emilion or Pomerol.

Hard to recommend particular chateau as there are so many and it’s almost impossible to guess what individual supermarkets might stock. However I have had one or two good ones from Super U such as Chateau Maucaillou, Moulis or their second wine Le No2 de Maucaillou.

No idea if this link will work but here is a listing of red Bordeaux available in a Leclerc supermarche somewhere in the pays basque. You can look at your leisure armed with advice above. Some nice looking wines.


Particularly in 2016 the second wine of Ch. Cantemerle and Ch. Citran.

There are very bad and very good supermarkets for wine in France. Often not far from each other. I’ve been to Intermarches where there is literally nothing I’d really want to buy. It’s crap, or too young Bordeaux. Whereas others are superb and some even have sections focused on local wines.


Agree - far more variation in French supermarkets’ wine ranges compared to the standardised ranges in the UK. You often get an interesting selection of very local wines, depending on the region.

I’ve found that unless you’re shopping at bargain basement level (where many bottles at €3 or so are surprisingly drinkable - on holiday at least!) you need to buy wisely. It seems that a lot of the mediocre stuff from good appellations (e.g. St Jo or Faugères) gets dumped on supermarket shelves. On the other hand, I’ve found the likes of Muscadet and white Bordeaux a safe bet.


The Intermarché I was in last week had an entire aisle of Rosé (A hypermarket, so not a piddling aisle), and a phenomenal selection of Bordeaux up to first growth - admittedly, the casual glance suggested only ‘off’ vintages- and a full row of vins étrangers, and a vast array of wines from all over France.

But therein lies the problem itself. Our supermarkets tend to have a more logical (or less chaotic, possibly through a lower volume?) layout, as some wines I would associate with each other were miles apart. It just seems an idiosyncratic French way to ‘mix it up a bit’, which can be very confusing to the casual shopper who may be looking for something specific.


I think I’m right in saying that the French now drink more rosé than white wine.

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Local supermarkets should have an aisle dedicated to local wines. Intermarché and Carrefour certainly will. Whilst you will drown in claret I’d echo other replies - this is Cotes de Gascogne country, Buzet and, above all, St. Mont. As oft iterated here the Producteurs Plaimont co-op in St. Mont Plaimont: Madiran, Pacherenc, St Mont & Côtes de Gascogne wines is respectable and quality - driven; it has many labels and will have a large presence in local shops. (Their cellar door is epic and open daily).

Slightly more uneven are the Madirans from various suppliers, it can be quite basic and rustic sometimes, even from the Crouseilles co-op; generally speaking I’d avoid Madiran in the sub €10 bracket, of which there is a plentitude…but €20+ will get you a marvellous Madiran - they are rarely more expensive than that.


I remember being in a Boulogne supermarket years ago, and overhearing in a broad Brummie accent

“Vin de table, that’s the stuff you want”


Really bad internet, so it’s hard to respond

Found some good st emillion. & Some good 2010 haut medoc but everything in the big local carrefour is less than €12 and not from the mentions here (not saying price is always the factor but I was hoping for some of your recommendations)

It’s all been very good though. I also found some Margaux which I’ve never tried before, again I don’t know the variation between the region and the more expensive Margaux chateau I’ve seen when googling


I think the E Leclerc I was looking at online was a hypermarche at Urrugne just off the motorway near St Jean de Luz if that is any help. I think we have been there ourselves and it is huge.

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Thanks, that’s about half an hour away from here

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That is a nice selection at E Leclerc. The Chateau la Garde 2015 would give good value for money and approachable young. I had a case of the 2009 which was delicious and it was all gone by the time it got to about 8 years old. Nice dark fruits and cherries with lovelly weight and structure. Well priced and classy stuff.

Have to confess, I don’t think I bought a single bottle of wine from the supermarket when in the area a couple of weeks ago (except a cheeky half bottle of Jurancon when I saw my wife slinging blue cheese into the basket).

However, I can strongly recommend the Grand Frais supermarket in Biarritz. Really good butcher gave us a beautiful selection of steak cuts for my wife’s birthday, none of which I caught the French word for and only recognised the onglet once he’d cut them all for us.

Your butchery skills are clearly better than your French😉

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