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I have frequently been inspired by TWS suggestions that come up when you look at their wines. Many make sense, but some can be quite funny. When looking at this wine

This one came up

which somewhat baffled me.


Aha, another “mutant algorithm”. They are taking over!

To be fair though the text is actually “Members who bought this also bought”. So, while not being very helpful, I suspect it is accurate

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Members who bought Lafite 04 also buy £12 pinotage? Only as gifts for the servants surely?


One of the things that I love about wine is that you can have tried wines that are £600 a bottle and still find great pleasure in £12 (or even £6) bottles of wine. While I’m clearly not used to drinking £600 wines (and I believe I’ve had 4 in my life, and they’ve all been tiny tasters from enomatic machines) it’s not like some other food/drink things where you can’t then go back and enjoy more human priced stuff.

As long as they’re well made there’s pleasure to be had and as @peterm will vouch the Society’s Exhibition Pinotage is a great wine. It’s in my basket for my next order. The Lafite is not.


Quite. You need to be “stinking rich” to drink £660 bottles all the time, but I bet there are quite a few “comfortably off” wine lovers who push the boat out occasionally.

Then of course there are bottles bought years ago that have appreciated vastly. I have drunk quite a few of those, but it is very different to actually spending several hundreds on a bottle.


The pinotage is on my very long wish list, the Lafite is on a different kind of wish list.


Just to be clear, I only ever drank one bottle of Lafite, about 15 years ago. That bottle was a gift to me. I can’t bring myself to pay more than £50 for a bottle of wine, and the average price of the wines in my cellar is £23. However, that is off-topic.


I also now get the sentence SteveSlatcher quotes, but this morning it was definitely “If you like this, you may also enjoy”, I copied and pasted it when I started this chat. Another algorithm at work that varies the sentence??


We have 9 bottles left of a case of 2004 Pavillon Rouge bought when the wine trade was almost begging people to buy 2004 EP as it fell between two very good years. It cost about £25 a bottle at the time which was expensive for me but I reckoned (correctly) that this would be the one and only time I could afford a Chateau Margaux wine. Now retails at about £175 a bottle. Not something we care to think about too much when we drink it nor would I be prepared to pay that for it or any other bottle of wine these days.


Sometimes I get one sometimes the other. Two different algorithms I suspect. The “If you like this…” one is, I find, generally more relevant though sometimes, as you found, it does seem to be wildly off base.

I have a music database that I wrote years ago and still use; it has a ‘random’ selector which attempts to find something similar to the previous track (along with a number of other criterion like how long ago a track was last played). Most of the time it works pretty well but occasionally throws seriously odd combos out. So I’ll often get a string of, say, Mozart pieces one after the other which is fine but sometimes I’ll have say Beethoven immediately followed by The Doors which can be a tad jarring! I wrote the algorithm but sometimes can’t explain its decisions! :smiley:


Maybe the algorithm spotted your post :slight_smile:


Is it the same algorithm as the one which allocates highly sought after EP wines?? That would explain a lot :joy:


Well, they are both “red” :rofl::joy::joy::joy::clap: