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If you could share a bottle of wine with any celebrity


If you could share a bottle of wine with any celebrity (whether politician, artist, Oscar-winner or reality TV star…! Anything goes!) who would it be, why and what would you talk about? :grinning:

I guess I’ll go first, as it’s only polite: for me currently it would be Lin-Manuel Miranda, composer of the hit musical Hamilton, as well as lots of other cool musical things like In The Heights and the Disney film Moana.

Purely because I think he’s a genius, and I’d love to talk about how he created Hamilton, because it’s such a masterpiece of theatre, IMO! Exceptionally clever lyrics and concept, and so different to anything else musical theatre has ever seen (musical theatre nut, here!) He’s also a keen activist, raising tons of money for charity (most recently for victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico), and one of the most widely read people in showbiz so he’d have plenty of fascinating things to talk about. All in all a very fascinating writer and interesting bloke!

Which wine… is this a bit too obvious?


Over to you …


A Tyrrells mature Semillon and probably Richard Branson, nattering about his innovative and broad ranging business life.
A jeroboam of society champagne with Oliver Reed… Not sure if we’d remember what we’d talked about, but I’m sure it would have been fun.


Thinking back to my favourite film ‘The Hustler’, i think a bottle of very old, very dry sherry with piper laurie because a) she obviously has impeccable taste and b) because i want to talk like they do in old black and white films. Failing that, a bottle of blue nun with andrew neill!!


This guy:

I think he’s an absolutely fascinating chap. As far as I’m concerned he was the perfect pop icon. Stylish, da ring, dangerous, thought-provoking. He was obviously an incredibly smart guy (his predictions for the impact the internet would have on life were scarily accurate), and was very witty too. Time would undeniably fly by, chatting about inspirations, aesthetics and how he created his music.

I think I’d let him pick the wine, but in my imagination he would have been a Burgundy/Barolo man. Something mature and complex - maybe this?

Pricey, sure, but it’s Bowie


Would have to be this man.

Sitting in the jungle room at Graceland, watching multiple NFL games on his multiple screens.
Presuming Elvis would have ordered in some of his infamous burgers, I guess the wine would have to be something bold enough to match.

Maybe something like this


Great choice @Bargainbob!

I’ll have to go with the other great Dave; David Lynch (if we’re sharing a bottle of wine, I like to think he’ll let me call him Dave).

Why? Even at 71, Lynch is still the enfant terrible of the movie world, inspiring awe, wonder and - mainly- befuddlement with his unique brand of dark, lurid Americana.

With him I’d share a bottle from another flamboyant US wildchild, Jim Clendenen of Au Bon Climat fame - maybe ‘The Pip’ pinot noir. I’d like to think that after half a bottle David will reveal such well-guarded secrets as ‘what was Twin Peaks season 3 all about?’ and ‘how do you get your hair so magically whippy?’


This guy. I’d drink whatever is knocking around in his kitchen.


What would you pair with the Elvis sandwich - banana, peanut butter, and bacon?


Beaujolais Nouveau?


I don’t know how the conversation would go but the setting and the menu would certainly be unique :joy:


Lemmy. 1971 Penfolds Grange (better make it a couple of bottles), bottle of Jack for chasers which is going to upset the traditionalists. [URL=http://www.sherv.net/][/URL] A nice big stack of lamb chops and beef short ribs to munch on whilst discussing heavy machinery, aircraft, philosophy and the art of pinball.


Oooo tricky one that!
If not @Bargainbob’s suggestion maybe a fully ripe Californian Chardonnay? Or a more bold choice might be a Gewürztraminer??


Having just finished reading ‘Descent of Man’ as recommended by @ricard, I would love to drink wine with this man:

I imagine we’d talk masculinity, pottery, bears and wine (of course) … though I don’t even know if he drinks wine. I hope we could put the world to rights.

I’m very intrigued about finding someone willing to stand out not just from the crowd, but from the whole, purely commercial, life-is-for-working culture we are drowning in, and to see things differently and with fresh eyes. I’d even be willing to dress up for the occasion (!) … but then you know that flowery shirts are a gateway drug!

As for what to drink, I’d be stumped. I think it would have to be something suitable non-commercial, left-field, driven by passion rather than consistency.

What springs to mind are the unique wines of Clai in Istria (Croatia), making what I think could be called ‘Orange Wine’ if he cared about labels; biodynamic, small-scale and handmade.


Think it might be more than one!


And ask him how prison’s going ! Best answer on this thread :joy::joy:


@Leah @prenoof I confess I just had to do a reverse image search to find out who that was… :joy: Now that is a good answer!! (If anyone else is as clueless as me, it’s currently-imprisoned, famed convicted wine fraudster Rudy Kurniawan) Has anyone seen the Sour Grapes documentary released last year about him? I’m quite interested now…

:broken_heart: The perfect answer! And a wonderful photo too. One of the most fascinating, talented people - you’d need more than just one bottle with the amount you’d have to talk about!

Another amazing shout and guaranteed unforgettable evening - although is it absolutely awful to admit I’ve not seen anything he’s done? :flushed: Not even Elephant Man… I really should sort that out. ‘Magically whippy’ hair might be my new favourite phrase…

I’ve thought of another one, thanks to @robert_mcintosh’s fantastic suggestion of the amazing Grayson Perry.

RuPaul. A real fave of mine, but a fiercely shrewd, hard-working and talented person too, and full of wisdom (as well as contributing great things to gay and gender equality). Besides, my best friend and I are obsessed with all the drama of Drag Race and Ru is clearly going to have plenty of behind-the-scenes tea to spill…:wink: I’m not sure about the wine, but I’d probably play it safe and choose something very fine and very bubbly.


@laura @prenoof watched the documentary the beginning of the year ! It was great and have been following the case since :+1:…!! Wouldn’t be great to have a palate like his :wine_glass:


Incredible skill level to produce those fakes. Wasted talent? Hanging around with people with more money than sense probably helped a bit. Choose your victim wisely.


It would have to be José Mourinho for me. Why and what would we talk about? Well, funnily enough, not football. It’s widely reported what his favourite wine is. It is an extremely rare, red wine, from the Douro in Portugal and more than anything else it has me intrigued, about him, but mainly it has me intrigued about the wine and I would love to try it. The Casa Ferreirinha’ Barca Velha. How intriguing that, not unlike Ch Yquem, it is not made every year, when it is made there is very little and then it spends a long time in oak, and bottle, before being released? Yes, very expensive, well, perhaps not by quality standards, but definitely too rich for me.


I wonder if any recent developments (Oscars, politics, Olympics, etc.) might have inspired any new suggestions here?