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If you could only drink one wine

Imagine some nightmare in which you were informed you could only drink one wine for the rest of your life. What would it be?

A little like picking one music album for a lifetime, the answer may not be your favourite; it might be the most versatile. My favourite wine is probably Meursault - though I can rarely afford to drink it. But I wouldn’t want it every day, or even every week.

So, for me, my one wine for life would probably be Crozes-Hermitage. You can dress it up or dress it down. Chilled or warm. With food or without. If it comes from a good producer like Chapoutier, Perrin or Paul Jaboulet Aine, it will never disappoint.

I’m intrigued to know what others would choose.


Great question. Do you mean one region/appellation, one producer, one bottle, or maybe just one grape? Could make all the difference :wink:

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Appellation would be a good definition for ‘a wine’ I think. But I won’t troll anyone who doesn’t stick firmly to that. :grin:

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Ah, then we can get creative with most flexible regions :slight_smile:

Rioja would be a great option: wine of all colours and ages, including the juicy unoaked young reds and fresh whites that some forget.

If that is too broad, maybe Vouvray. It would give you a variety from dry to rich and fruity. Having said that, it reminds me I’m drinking WAY too little of it at the moment,

Chianti for me - food friendly but I’m also happy to drink on its own. And so many styles!

I think you’d be hard pushed to get better than the society’s claret!

That, or prosecco… ducks


Or indeed the Society’s Rioja :slight_smile:

If I had to pick a region, I’d go for Burgundy. Pinot Noirs that go from light and fruity to something far more complex and mysterious, and Chardonnays that can be super-crisp and steely to rich, full and hypnotic. What’s not to like? Apart from the price…

As for an appelation, maybe Medoc. Plenty of fantastic vineyards, as well as smaller producers. You get both Cabernet and Merlot, and you can have fresh, fruity wines as well as blockbusters.

I think I would have to say the Mosel region, some of those riesling’s just change dramatically with age and you’d never get bored


Good shout! And if you negotiated well with your weird wine-limiting captors on this strangest of desert islands, you might get some beautiful light reds too.

I feel out of my depth with all the previous replies, but for me it would be a Chablis obviously the best I could afford, otherwise a simple Sauvignon blanc. Both would be French although A New World SB would be very welcome.


Ha! I wouldn’t worry about this at all - you’ll find that this sort of question pops up in some form in conversations with “winos” reasonably often, so we’ve all already had a chance to think about it and make plans (to sound good and drink a lot).

I like your suggestion a lot too - Chablis has many different quality levels and styles, but I think I might suffer from a lack of sugar after a while (hence choosing Vouvray as an option because you can get some nice, rich styles too)

Old school Rioja for me, preferably from Muga or Remelluri.


Piedmonte as a region, so much variety! If its down to only one variety Riesling.


Chablis is a good option. In our household it is like an old friend - and we kind of wish the Brocard family were relations of ours…


I would choose one winemaker - as the years pass I wouldn’t have to worry about getting bored because they wouldn’t let that happen for their own sakes…so for that reason I’d choose Eben Sadie (genius!).

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I like your thinking. If we’re going winemakers, then Sylvain Pataille for me. It’s a constant source of frustration that the Society only has his wines from time to time. The quality to value equation of his wines is extraordinary - IMHO.


If it came down to white wine, then I’d be with you on the Chablis. If I could only drink one wine it would have to be pleasurable and something I could drink often, so that would mean sauvignon is out for me (don’t like the cheap stuff that much, and can’t drink more than a couple of glasses of the good stuff, however much I like it!)

Someone like Nicosia in Sicily might be my shout. A richness of variety in their wines. Current fave is this one:

South West France - affordable Gascony, weird & wonderful Jurançon / Irouléguy / Madiran etc. Plus Bordeaux blends for when everything else gets a bit much! And, of course, this crowd-pleaser!

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Nebbiolo… especially Barolo for me

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I’d be torn between Alsace Gerwurztraminer or Beaujolais I think.

Though I do love a Burgundian Pinot Noir.

I don’t, this is too hard! :slight_smile:

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