Identify Old Bottle of Wine

Can anyone help identifying this claret

we are drinking today? I think its from the 1940’s. It has a P on the cork and appears to have a british label (I can see the word Ltd.) See photos.

@robert_mcintosh is a bit of a sleuth.


Looks a bit like the old Berry Brothers label?!

It is. There are examples on the web from 1966 and 1970.

The top bit of the label is the BBR branding - the actual wine name should be in the bottom part.

Maybe BBR could help narrow-down the date of botling, but it looks like details of the wine are lost.


Berry Bros Ordinary Claret

On a similar note I have just brought up a bottle of port from my father’s cellar. I suspect that it is vintage port. The label is degraded. I can see that it is Ramos Pinto. I am wondering as to the vintage. The label over the cork is partially legible. On one side it says “Vinho do Porto, RP, 033942, 9, Garantia”.
Does that give any clue as to the year?
We are planning to drink it tomorrow so I will get to see the cork then.

Not sure if all shippers do it, but the vintage is often on the side of the cork. It might be worthwhile trying to read it through the glass before pulling the cork in case the cork crumbles.

BTW, the code for the seal number is a closely guarded secret.


Thanks Steve. Mystery revealed: 1975.


As it happens @JayKay and I tasted a 1970 Ramos Pinto VP a few weeks ago, which was absolutely delicious. Hopefully you’re in for a treat!