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Ideas for a gift


With £30 to spend, which bottle of red would you recommend for a gift?


Probably something reasonably well known and guaranteed to make an impact . Something like this


Love this one (great food wine, too!)


I think any present should be something the buyer would not buy for themselves, perhaps because of cost or lack of experience. Maybe this, at £2 over budget:


@Leah Musar will certainly make an impact! But it is such a marmite wine I’d only gift it to someone who knew liked Musar for sure.

Problem is we have no info on the tastes of the recipient.

In such situations I get Champagne. Even those who know nothing about wine have heard of it and know its reputation. If they are not regular wine drinkers they can keep it for a special occasion or when they have guests.


@peterm, fair point! Champagne’s always a winner :wink:


Some of us don’t like any sparkling wines… I do find it odd that everyone assumes that champagne will please everyone. It is just as risky as any other wine if you don’t know the lucky recipient’s tastes.


@SPmember you are correct the recipient may not like fizz, or indeed may not drink wine at all.

But IMO it’s the one wine that shows a non-wine expert that the gift is of value and one they can pour for friends or at special occasions even if they themselves don’t partake.

I gift booze I don’t want to a local charity who use them on their tombola stand. Champagne would sell a lot of tickets


Sorry about your arm (see one-handed opening thread), but shouldn’t that make you cautious about recommending Champagne? Harder to open (and heavier to carry) ?


Thanks to everyone for taking the time to make a recommendation :slight_smile: I’m not sure what the recipients tastes are either but know that he drinks red!


I would go for this. It would be difficult not to like.


This went down in a happy haze late in the day last Christmas. I’d be punching the air if I got this as a gift.


If you want complexity and ‘wont have tried before’ - Dumien serrette cornas patou 2011 - £28.50. Cornas is about as singular as it comes and the lower altitude lieu-dits like Patou and Champelrose are less austere, more forward and approachable earlier. Still needs air.


Ooh yes, I really want to give that one a go, but I fear it might sell out before my poor bank balance recovers from the current Rhône/Burgundy onslaught.


There are also some decent Bordeaux at around the £30 price point from the 05, 09, and 10 vintages at the moment courtesy of the current Best of Bordeaux offer:


If it was a gift for me then I would be delighted as I love the stuff, but @peterm is quite right about it not being everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve sampled numerous vintages over the years, the first being (I think) the 1982 which cost £6.50 a bottle.


@tbennett54, £6.50? What a total bargain :wink:


It was a big stretch for my wine budget in those days. I suppose we are talking about the late 1980s, given Musar’s usual gestation period. Anything much over £6 would be serious expenditure.