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Iberian Adventures


I gather that this event is proving very popular and I know there are some big fans of Spanish wines here … but where are the Portuguese fans? We must get together to fight for our space too!

Is anyone signed up for this tasting? We’ve had some great reports in the past and I would very much like to know what you thought of the wines and which were the favourites on the night. Can we get anyone to be the Community ambassador and report back?


Hello! :) Introduce yourself
Upcoming Rhone growers tasting

I hope anyone who managed to get tickets for these events is excited for next week. The London tasting has sold particularly well with a huge waiting list so I suggest getting there early to get the best access to the growers.

Also if you were considering attending the Iberian Adventures tasting the wines are now listed on the website. However be quick as there are only 7 remaining tickets for the London event. The American Dream tasting in March is also set to sell out shortly so thought I would give you all the heads up to get in while you can.


Sorry if I’m being very dense but I can’t find the wine listings for the Iberian Adventures tasting, looking on the mobile version of tws website. Can anybody help point me in the right direction?


Sorry, I may have jumped the gun. They should be listed from tomorrow morning.


Ah no problem, thanks.


I have just uploaded the wines to be tasted for the Iberian Adventures this morning :slight_smile:


Ooh, lots of wines I’ve never tried here! If anyone goes to this and gets to try this wine, can you tell me how it is? I’ve been meaning to try it for ages!


That is not a very expensive punt to take…


@szaki1974 :joy: True, but I literally have no more room for wine in my house and need to drink some of the stuff I already have, plus the whole reason the Community is fun is I get to hear what other people think of wines I’m interested in…:relaxed:


I don’t think I’m qualified enough to be a Community ambassador, but I would like to state what an absolutely lovely informal wine tasting that was on 05.03.2018! I can’t think of a single wine I didn’t enjoy. There’s no bigger fan of Spanish wines than me, but I’d have to say I did enjoy the Portuguese wines a touch more overall. I did order a mixed case straight afterwards of the following:-

Regina Viarum Mencia, Ribeira Sacra 2016 - This was lovely and I felt it a wonderful alternative to Beaujolais. It was my first exposure to the Mencia grape and I swear I got stewed strawberries on the nose and palate!
Ribeiro Santo, E.T. Dão 2013 - This was my favourite wine of the evening. So elegant, long, and individual.
Barbeito Rainwater Reserve 50cl - Absolutely lovely aperitif.
Marqués de Murrieta Blanco Capellanía Vineyard, Rioja 2013 - I personally found this a very elegant and structured white. Again, extremely individual.

I also enjoyed the Hortas do Caseirinho Frisante semi-sparkling wine which had a little sweetness and seems a good alternative to cava & prosecco.


You just disproved that with this post - wonderful to hear your thoughts, and what great suggestions.

Mencia can be wonderful. This particular version is a lighter style than ‘average’ but lovely indeed.

I’m glad to hear about the Dao wine - I can’t remember if I’ve had that but Dao often offers fantastic concentration for the money, but rarely being a boring fruit-bomb.

As for the white Rioja, I’ve always been a fan, but this sort of aged white always divides people so I’m glad to find a fellow fan. I must buy myself some of these bottles!!

Thanks for the update


Hooray, you tried it! I was hoping someone would. That’s great to hear - will add a few to my next order then for more informal get-togethers. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Definitely want to splash out and buy a bottle of that Ribeiro Santo too from your description. :heart_eyes:

Thanks so much for this report - hope to see more soon!


Yes, I mentioned it as I saw your post. You won’t be disappointed. I’ll definitely be buying some. I guess I should also add the other wines that stood out for me:-

Almeida Garrett Entre Serras, Beira Interior 2015 - This seemed an absolute bargain. So much fruit for the money. The cheese is also delicious from this region (serra da estrela) and I guess would go pretty well with this wine?

Quinta do Vesuvio Pombal do Vesuvio, Douro 2015 - This was also mighty good. I’m a big fan of Douro reds (I’ve always loved Crasto). I don’t seem to see this on the Society’s list?

Gamon, Ribera del Duero 2015 - Up there with the Ribeiro Santo with a heftier price tag though. Just wonder if I could justify the outlay when you can get the mighty Muga Reserva Especial for nigh on half the price?

Also really enjoyed the Society’s Exhibition Rioja Reserva 2011 & Crusted Port 2007 (both invariably always good and representing value for money), and the delicious Romate Fino Perdido.

Right, that’s enough from me. I’ll leave others to comment now!


I had the Almeida Garrett Entre Serras, Beira Interior 2015 over the weekend. Very pleasing for the price. Very pleasing ‘full stop’ I gave it an hour in a decanter which seemed to improve it ( having tasted it shortly after opening).