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I wish The Society stocked



The range at TWS is really quite something, and it’s great the buyers have so much freedom to pick what they really love, but I’m sure I’m not the only one to sometimes wish they stocked a certain wine now and again. A memorable bottle from a holiday or dinner, perhaps.

Top of my list would be Villa Le Prata, who make superb Brunellos. I follow them on social media which is a bit of torture as they don’t seem to sell anywhere in the UK!

I also have a few that used to be on the list but are no longer - Pupille Morellino and Château Camplazens spring to mind.

So, what wine/grape/region do you wish TWS would add/bring back to the list? What would you choose if you were buyer for a day?!


A white Lebanese wine. Mr Hochar said Musar Blanc was his main wine over the red. IXSIR also produce a very good example. There’s about 9-12 reds but not whites (or roses) on the list.

The entire Qupe range, the few bottles I’ve managed to get from suppliers over the years have been phenomenal (especially their Marsanne) but so hard to get here despite the UK importer being quite a big one.

I miss a few of the more unusual wines too like ‘Setze Gallets’ and ‘El Puno Blanco’ which dropped off the list never to be replaced.


I’d like to see more up and coming regions appear on the TWS List.

As the price of established regions - Bordeaux, Burgundy, Barolo reach ridiculous levels pricing out the average wine enthusiast who’s after a quality wine is it not time to look at regions producing the same grape / blend with similar quality. TWS is getting there with Pinot Noir - Central Otago, some Tasmanian and the start or Oregan making the range. Bordeaux blends will be harder though do we always need to look at 1855 as a benchmark for “quality” wine. As for Nebbiolo what about the other regions in Northern Italy producing great examples?

Maybe start off with a Bin series wine to test the water or if the price bracket isn’t right an Exhibition wine from these regions?


This is a great topic, @tom!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I would love to see some Deutscher Sekt as well as Austrian Sekt on the list of sparkling wines (Dr. Loosen, Weingut Aldinger, Weingut Steininger, Johanneshof Reinisch etc.). There are some really good ones out there! I would also love to see a few more examples of Austrian wines (this has been discussed on another thread too) other than Gruner/Zweigelt. There are some fine wines made from Zierfandler and Rotgipfler in the Thermenregion, the top ones of which are an excellent alternative to white Burgundy, at (often) half the price, as well as Pinot Noir from the likes of Birgit Braunstein (she makes lovely ones in Burgenland) and Stift Klosterneuburg.

And continuing on the theme of more esoteric wines - some Cornalin from Switzerland (TWS used to stock the one from Domaine des Muses, but it’s no longer available), or from Valle d’Aosta would be nice to see (Grosjean, for example), as well as some good quality Swiss Chasselas.

Perhaps it’s a bit niche, I don’t know - maybe even difficult to source, but we did use to have some Swiss wine, so a comeback would be nice :switzerland: :slight_smile:


I’d really like to see some premium Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. And I’m with @erdunn on the Nebbiolo - a bit of Roero would be very welcome indeed!


Hear! Hear! Would absolutely LOVE more wines from them. Their 2014 Syrah is fantastic, as is their 2015 Modern White Blend (Chardonnay, Viognier, Marsanne). :+1:


Ooh, also, I guess @Freddy is the buyer for Greece, and doing a nice job with it, but if he could find his way to spreading himself thinner still and spending a little longer finding gems in Crete, that would be mega.


Sake. I tried some recently and I am hooked.


The other producer I would love to see wines from is Planeta. Every wine I tried from them so far has been a joy in terms of flavours, textures and finesse. There’s so much to choose from too, at different price points.


Too many to mention, but let’s start with some glaring omissions:

  1. Peyrassol and Trevallon (Provence),
  2. Pibarnon (Bandol),
  3. Grange de Peres (Languedoc),
  4. Culee du Serrant (Loire),
  5. Quoin Rock and Raats (South Africa),
  6. Arns, Robert Sinskey, J Vineyard (Napa / Somona)
  7. Lorenda Gasparini, Macullan, Planeta, Ruffino, Tasca D’Almerita, Fondo Antico, Tenuta San Guido (Italy)
  8. Luigi Bosca (Argentina)


Trevallon does appear on the list from time to time. Also features in the Rhone EP, impossible to get an allocation…,


Alain Graillot Crozes Hermitage :heart:


The last time I was in Germany on the Mosel we had this…

not that vintage , but a very good winery and it was very decent despite the fact I am not really into Champagne or equivalents, for some time now an increasing number of wineries are making a sekt, which is surprising as you never see them, even the likes of Donnhoff, Schaefer-Frolich, and Zilliken do a sekt though most come from the Rhinelands and elsewhere.
With climate change and improved techniques as with Pinot Noir these wines are improving all the time.


I’d like to echo the demand for good Sekt. Lots of really interesting options from Riesling as well as trad Champagne grapes.


The Raats wines are awesome, good call


The Raats Chenin blanc, which is great, is regularly stocked


The selection overall is excellent, but I would love to see some of the more ‘natural’ beajoulais - Lapierre, Foillard etc… and some Assyrtiko, presumably there is assyrtiko occasionally but I’ve never found any when I’ve looked


More Amarone. Been said a few times before but as with Barolo it’s something it would be great to have a little release of a few different types to introduce members to and see if there’s an appetite. It is expensive obviously but then so is all the Barolo on the site.


The W/S regularly stocked the Hatzidakis Santorini Assyrtiko as well as their premium Assyrtiko de Milos. With the tragic death of Haridimos Hatzidakis in 2017, I’m not sure how things stand with them. Would love to see some different Assyrtikos as there is a pretty wide range of styles… That reminds me how much I love Santorini Vinsanto!


Dom des Accoles