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I wish I had a guide to


Hi all,

Although we have a large number of guide ranging from the key regions, grapes and styles:

Are there any guides that you wish you had on a specific topic?

Just thought I would ask the question as, although this community has a huge wealth of knowledge and there are some great discussions, there might be topics that might be useful to add to the main site for others.


I’m ashamed to say I’ve never actually looked at that section of the website in any detail before. What a dummy, there’s so much good info in there. The grape guides are really informative, even to a seasoned drinker like me, ahem.

I may have missed something but a basic guide to the styles of sherry maybe ?


Yertiz :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow and thanks, that was faster than a speeding bullet.

Perhaps, I should have delved deeper !


I would a good overview on soil / geology and its interaction with different grapes.

Definitive lists of DOCs, AOCs etc.

Interpreting lables from different countries / regions.


The lists would be massive and difficult to maintain. However, the EU has a database you can access:


Yup. I see what you mean. Thanks for the list. Finding a conclusive list has previously proved difficult and confusing.