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I need help!

I am the guilty party who started off the topic that has now become Current Wine Offers (anywhere). A quick glance will show how many posts are on this thread and EVERY SINGLE ONE generates an email to me with full details. Can anyone please tell me how to stop them?


If you go to the thread there should be a drop-down which is currently set to “Watching”. Change to the level you want.

Hi @AnneC this is available in your preferences.

Go to your profile and click on Preferences, then Emails, and you can adjust:

you can also change the notifications you get on each thread as @NW_passenger mentions, but I think this only alters what you get notified about in-app.

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Incidentally thee is a series of guides on how to do things in the app here:

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Thanks, but for some reason it’s not there (maybe because it changed names?)

I don’t believe that’s true; I’m fairly sure I’ve done it on the thread level and it’s stopped the emails. Does anyone know for sure?

Not under the last post on the thread?

Have you posted three times in this thread so @AnneC keeps getting more notifications? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


That’s not what my preferences looks like - it doesn’t have emails as an option - will try it on laptop rather than iPad.

Ah, found it - thanks very much!