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I love the Wine Society website, but


The political geography also seems odd. Madeira is not listed under Portugal, but as an independent country. And Serbia is not in Europe but in ‘rest of world’.


Hm! Interesting! But surely there’s a difference between political geography and geography per se?
Will the England entry move from ‘other Europe’ to ‘Rest of World’ come April? :thinking:


I am a victim of my buying and placing in reserves.
I would like to see my reserves arranged by Region.
Northern Rhone
Cote Rotie
St Joseph
Southern Rhone
You get the picture.
At the moment it is a bit of a mess. I have tried to use the drop downs at the top of the page, they aren’t sufficient for my requirements and even if they were, you cannot “save” them.
No little job for the IT dept., but one that would be appreciated even if we had to buy a couple of “Big Blue” machines to make it happen!!:open_mouth: LoL!!


Not worth starting another thread so will insert here.
Just a query for the WS, in this months Decanter two wines from TWS are reviewed, on eis a Cava Juve &Camps GS and the other is Ch Ste-Eulalie Minervois La Liviniere 2016, neither are in the WS lists. This is a recurring theme, over the last year at least a dozen wines reviewed have never appeared, I only followed this because one was of interest but it was not in the lists either, only one wine was available in that time when I checked.
Now of course it could be those wines had sold out as I have not seen any of them appear later, if they have sold out or are of limited stock there is not much point putting them up for review as no one can purchase, is there another reason this keeps happening ?, the Ste- Eulalie could be of course the follow on vintage as the current stock is 2015 but that would ot have applied to the other wines.


I can answer this one.

Decanter forewarns merchants of what wines are to be featured in a forthcoming edition. We get an email four weeks before publication with a list of all the wines they will be featuring (I’ve just responded to their next one, where I’ve added us in as a stockist for some wines, removed us for others and tweaked some prices). They also ask the producers about who stocks their wines in the UK.

We should, therefore, be reasonably up-to-date and the magazine should carry the correct info. Sometimes things slip through the cracks, though. In the case of the Juve y Camps, that went out of stock far quicker than we expected. The Minervois was our error - they stated the Grand Vin (which we will be selling, just not right now) and we gave the info for the Cantilène version. Hands up, my error.

I have missed the Decanter deadline a couple of times, so they have gone with the producer info instead. Sometimes a producer has sold us wine in the past, and so they tell Decanter that we are a stockist - even if it wasn’t that particular wine!

So if the information is wrong, it is either down to me or, as is often the case, down to a writer pushing back the deadline so the info request doesn’t come through to us in time.

I hope that clarifies things, and my school report currently contains the words ‘could do better’. You’ll see improvements in future.


Another example here.


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Thanks. We too monitor our mentions in the press. The example you mention here was due to higher demand than forecast on that wine. We don’t get it right every time.


And another:

Juvé & Camps, Gran Reserva 2013,.

WS listed as stockists in 12/18 Decanter.


From Ewan above:

“In the case of the Juve y Camps, that went out of stock far quicker than we expected”


Thanks Tom, missed that.


Yes, that one’s already been mentioned above.


Hi everyone

Is anyone else missing the ‘sort by’ function on the website at the moment? You know, so you can list it by price, relevance, etc. Also, the choice of number of wines per page (15/30/60) seems to have disappeared next to it as well.

I’m on the laptop, the usual browser, don’t feel like anything’s changed at my end. Am I losing my mind…?


Oh no! It’s disappeared for me too. Might just be they’re doing a quick update or something - I’ll report this now and see what’s up.

EDIT: Just been told our IT team are looking into it already! Hopefully it’ll be back soon.


yes, noticed this too…


It’s back again! Thanks for the update Laura :sunglasses:



One thing that winds me up, is if I want to buy remaining stocks from a EP Offer that has recently closed, I cannot find the PDF that has the original tasting notes. Today, it is the Red & White Burgundy Offer from Spring 2018. I can see the remaining stocks on the website but the associated PDF has not as yet been added to the “Previous Offer Notes!!”

A point to note is how does the Society expect to sell these remaindered wines if the prospective and presumably enthusiastic Member cannot see a description of what she/he is interested in.
The 2016 Rhone EP Offer stocks gets over this by having a clickable button to download the PDF from the top of Stock List.
The Red & White 2016 and the Bordeaux 2016 EP Offer stock lists do not offer this facility and presumably the Society looses out on prospective sales, unless the Member gets in touch with the Society to request the PDF by email. This must have a cost to the Society as it involves a member of staff having to do it manually.
Might it become policy that ALL remaining Stocks Lists have access to the original Offer PDF??


How about

for 2016 Bordeaux
https://www.thewinesociety.com/previous-offers-bordeaux for all previous Bdx

and how about the menu on the left of that page for original PDFs of other offers


Maybe I am afflicted by a case of Sunday dimness.
It is the 2016 Red and White Burgundy Offer Notes PDF that I require.
If you can point me in the right direction, then I will be grateful! :smiley:


I only looked for Bdx, which you mentioned, as that’s my area of interest and if it hadn’t been on the site I would have scanned my copy and emailed it to you.

But the original PDF of the 2016 Burgundy EP doesn’t appear on the list which stops at 2015.

Since they have previous PDFs this must be either tardiness (no surely not) or an oversight that will soon be corrected. Hopefully with the nudge of your post. :slight_smile: